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What have we become?

By EMN Updated: Feb 10, 2015 9:11 pm

Joel Nillo Naga

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hen the King of Babylon sent his envoys to king Hezekiah of Judah, he showed his visitors all the treasures in the Kings’ treasure house which his fathers from King David had stored up. Therefore, the prophet Isaiah told Hezekiah, “Behold the days are coming when all that is in your house, and that which your fathers have stored up till this day shall be carried to Babylon. Nothing shall be left, says the Lord.And some of your own sons, who shall be born to you, shall be taken away, and they shall be eunuchs in the palace of the King of Babylon.” The good king instead of shuddering and repenting thought, “Why not, if there is peace and security in MY DAYS?” The king was relieved that the devastation foretold upon Jerusalem whereby even his own sons were going to become slaves and eunuchs in foreign lands were not going to happen IN HIS TIME. His main concern was that his throne was safe in the present. We are no different from this ‘good’ king. As long as we’re busy collecting tax, siphoning off the exchequer, and earning easy money through dubious means, the hell I care for my children’s future. Ah, good fools are we.It does not matter whether the IBIs populate our land. It does not matter that they are going to replace us as the dominant race with their strange culture and religion so long as they give us good rent, plough our fields and butter our egos. It really is not even an issue that we allow our Naga names to be used for their business interests and get laughable pittance when they are making crores. Never mind that IBIs invariably produce birth certificates issued in 2014 – by callous or corrupted Statistical department and village councils- when their arrival in Nagaland from Karimganj, Hojai, Barpeta, Goalpara, Dhubri, Hailakandi and Nagaon may have been 20 years back. Never mind that the School Education department has no policy to tackle the menace of IBI children being enrolled in government schools by simply producing easy-to-procure birth certificates when they are clearly ILLEGALs. Maybe this is just a storm in a tea cup when it really is all about high percentage enrollment figures to get that crores of Central funds for private benefit? Does the Medical department care when crores of health care benefits are accrued by ILLEGALs? No, it is not even a blip on the Minister, AHoD and HoD radar screen when they have the much nobler work of something called siphoning off. How about the thousands of IBI taxi and auto-rickshaw owners who have managed to get permits and licenses? Even our poor riverbeds are bereft of stones, boulders, sand and even mud, thanks to IBIs contractors and greedy Village Councils. In a land famous for its proxy votes, the IBIs are proxy owners of taxis, proxy autos, proxy businesses- from retail to wholesalers and supplies, proxy but proxy everything.
Just like Hezekiah, why is it that we are so smug about our present constitutional arrangement of 59 MLA Reserved Seats in the NLA? Has it ever crossed our mind that circumstances may compel its de-reservation even in our life time if not later? Which Naga can stand up today and say with certainty that India will not repeal Article 371A in future; both certainly harbingers of cultural genocide if revoked. With the rise of IBI population and their citizenship accredited, thanks to birth certificates issued by government hospitals, permanent resident certificates by unscrupulous GBs, driving license by money minded DTOs, enrollment in electoral rolls for dirty Vote bank politics, and the ILP shame in DC offices, democracy necessarily permits that the majority should prevail. Naga population being hardly 12 lakhs- NBCC figure of baptised members is not even 7,00,000 members, Catholics around 70,000 and Charismatic churches even lesser(The Aadhar system should make our numbers clear)- who is to say that citizenship certified IBIs will not be politically accommodated tomorrow? With the rising educational level of IBIs in the state, which Naga can say with certainty that IBIs will one day not rise up and declare that their political rights should not be denied, most ironically, as per the constitution of India? Should Nagaland become another Europe with its adherents of ‘multi-culturalism’ finding no answer to the tide of rising Islamic fundamentalism where immigrants openly abuse the value system of Europe and call for its Islamisation? How many Naga politicians (IBIs walk straight into their bedrooms), administrative officers (IBI ILP touts are their best friends), GBs(they will starve without IBIs), DTOs(is it a Govt office or IBI rest house?), house owners (they entertain IBI business men, preferably), landlords (they entertain only mass assemblage of IBI tenants in their plot), so-called union presidents (for instance, Hongkong Market and Hazi Park), cadres of NPGs (IBIs collect tax on their behalf; Oh joy, Nagaland for Christ), etc., have heard of ‘Dar-ul-Islam’?
Last but not the least, Aso Imsong and Longrangty Longchar in their newly released book “The Breached Walls” has mentioned that “IF THE NSCN FACTION (meaning K group) WAS NOT CHASED OUT FROM MOKOCHUNG (IN THE YEAR 2004), THEN WE COULD NEVER HAVE BEEN ABLE TO CHASE OUT THE MIYAS (sic).” The connection is clear. The NSCNs –some revolutionary groups they are-have thoroughly and outrightly patronized these IBI colonizers purely on monetary motive. Mokokchung was no exception as explained in the book. Dimapur, as the land of milk and honey, the revolutionary groups were and are still patronizing these colonizers to the hilt for their taxation kitty. It helps that the IBIs control the economy of Dimapur. Our Naga ‘atta-mokhus’ (half-brain) means thatwhen it comes to IBIs,we are as united as Hell behind their stinking rich behind over our Naga national interest, be it Dimapur or Kohima, Wokha or Tuensang. The less said about IBI adoptions the better.
However, who cares since Nagaland state is STILL Naga-centric and doomsday will not happen IN MY TIME. As for my children becoming slaves and eunuchs, it’s their concern. Miffingly, why even talk of our children’s future when all Nagas have become eunuchs, even NOW.

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