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What Do You Say, Backward Tag

By EMN Updated: Jul 20, 2016 12:01 am

What is the stand of an advanced tribes and how do you reacts the most backward tribes in Nagaland towards the recent selection system of the allocation of MBBS & BDS course studies seats by the Common Selection Board of NSEE-II for the session of 2016-17 under the department of Technical Education? Because some of the tribes in Nagaland claimed as backward tribe but in many fronts these tribes are more advanced than the advanced tribes in Nagaland. And some tribes were advanced tribes before 1973 but afterwards degraded into backward tag and still continuing as backward tribes. Thanks to the Rengma tribe for their bold decision as they have recognized their efficiencies and the backward tag of their tribe has been denounced. And it is not only in MBBS/BDS studies reservation quota but everything such as: NPSC, Divisional level and ministerial job quota and other technical studies course etc, Chakhesang and Zeliang tribe usually used to tops. For the present example, overall numbers of seats allocation; Angami have got 10 seats and Chakhesang and Sumi got 8 each including one backward quota for Chakhesang. So far, my observation and general bird’s eye view is concerned from the year 1994 till date Chakhesang and Zeliang tribes became either in a first, second and third position in every competition in Nagaland for overall performances percentage or tribe-wise population ratio. And for the present instances calculation of MBBS/BDS allocation, Chakhesang tribe has got highest nos of seats according to the tribe-wise population ratio and Angami tribe stood in a second place.

It is naked truth that, the first class gazette officers of the single Chakhesang backward tribe are more than whole nos of ENPO areas 6 backward tribes first class gazette officers and the nos of 1st class gazette officers of single village in Zeliang tribe, one of the backward tribes in Nagaland are more than the most populous tribe of whole Konyak. As per the latest record of Human Resources Development index in Nagaland, Chakhesang tribe claimed at the top list who had obtained Ph D degree in Theological studies. And in actuality; Chakhesang and Zeliang elites are think tank of Nagas comparison to Ao and Sumi intellectuals.

My conscience is very clear that, I have no ill will nor envy or jealousy towards any particular community or individual but I am just trying to highlight the reality in Nagaland which general public must think and pounder upon and realize the actual truth and reality since both the advanced and backward tribes are being perished and deprived of its own privileges at the mercy of backward tag but in reality they are not backward tribes. I recalled that, during the course of agitation for separating the 25% reservation quota for ENPO tribes I had a hot argued and words of petty wrangled with my Zeliang and Chakhesang friends to impose door to door anti backward campaign in order to reveal the actual fact and for creamy slice.

And in Nagaland, Chakhesang seems to be one of the most advance tribes and in terms of many Zeliang tribe was second to none as the first Chief Secretary was from Zeliang and so also is the present incumbent Chief Minister in the state and the single village having first class gazette officers more than that of the most populous tribe in Nagaland still claiming as backward tribe is an illogic. Yes, some portion of these areas could be lagging behind in terms of infrastructural development but Socio-Economically, Educationally and regionally; Konyak, Pochury and Khiamngan are the only backward tribes in Nagaland. It is naked truth that, we Konyaks are the most victimized and deprived tribe in Nagaland as in every reservation quota of roster system, more than Two Lakhs Seventy Thousand population of Konyak tribe is getting same allocation or single NCS/NPS post and that of having only Thirty to Forty Thousand populations in the single tribe is getting equal shares. And even though it is pained to us of depriving our dues privileges in front of our nose and being shamed to be in a backward tag yet the common naked reality cannot be avoided which is undeniable fact and one has to bear all these agonies tightening its anus. So, what is the stand of the both advanced and backward tribes in Nagaland and what do you think and reacts to the some of the most advanced tribes in Nagaland continued to claim as backward tribe? “Do not hide the truth and reality from the eye of Ethics”. And there is no judge to give the verdict but you, me and we only. Rejoinder, any refute and comments are welcome!

P.Longang Leo Konyak

By EMN Updated: Jul 20, 2016 12:01:33 am