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What are the forces responsible that killed Jesus?

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‘These people See but do not comprehend;
[dropcap]T[/dropcap]hey Hear but do not understand’-The Bible.
To my rude and rueful assessment; it was the force of ‘Politics and Religion’ together Hand in Glove -at the time and in the Land- that killed Jesus.
Politics and Religion comes nearer to each other more in times when both find themselves low in the public esteem as in the days of Jesus. The Gospel records king Agrippa and the Roman Governor became friends “from that day” and that day happened to be the day of the condemnation of evangelist Paul.
Herod, son of Herod the great, the so-called King of the Jews; Pilat, the Officer who purchased his way to the Governorship and wily Anna, the Religious Head of the Jews, -in mutual, silently understood camaraderie with each other- grudgingly fitted together to crucify Jesus. Each of them played a historic part in the elimination of a Person who the Governor declared: “I found no wrong-doing in this man” but understandably acceded to the desire of the Chief Priest and his managed crowd!
In India they have done it to Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, the Father of the Indian Nation! And Group which justify the action is still alive.The understandable understanding Religion makes with Politics, is often subtle; at first not ugly, seemingly rational, accommodative, popular and reasonable to compromise with in the situation at hand, as the BJP Politics is in India today.
The Social and Political condition prevailing in Nagaland today seem comparably similar to the Social and Political condition that existed in Judea at the time of the crucifixion. Nagaland today is wearisome and often exasperating: The Writer sometimes feels: God may be contemplating to teach the Nagas a Lesson!
Today Nagaland appears in Division than in Unison; the Society is in dissatisfaction, the Governance Hesitant; the Privileged and the Connected are growing enormously Rich day and night like a run away Train. The Gap between the Haves and the Have-nots is in the proportion of the Gap between the Rich man and Lazarus in Paradise mentioned in the Gospel; the Search for personal gain seems to be the general harmonized Theory of life to all.
This apparent acceptability is actually very complicated and more often than not, involves cut-throat Beatitude in the involved:
When a correctly independent Executive was in charge of a Baptist Church Organization, the NSCN (IM) in ostensible fervent religiosity, invited the Functionaries of the religious Organization to Hebron to pray for them. The ecclesiastical Organization informed them that the Church Organization prays for all the National Workers normally and therefore felt it not especially necessary to go to Hebron to pray for the Group.
The Socialist Council then offered to come to the Church Organization Centre so that the Executives of the Body and the Kilonsers would pray together! The Church Organization, in the freedom of Christ, replied such a practice may set an unhealthy precedence and so declined the offer.
Political wisdom is most subtle and so beautifully camouflaged to the unwary and the gullible of the Theologians. Political Wisdom ultimately carries a Rider –the Armed Force: the Church, unless armed with the selfless breast-plate of Faith, inadvertently falls prey to the calculated intimidation coated with sweet words for attraction.
The FREEDOM OF RELIGION Law in India is so very wisely crafted; it conceals a Core relentlessly opposed to Christianity. It is discriminatory; it discriminates the down trodden Dalit and the Tribal. Of all the Political Parties in India, the BJP is the staunchest supporter of the FREEDOM OF RELIGION.
The Chief Minister of any State is the role model of the State; what he or she says or does has tremendous effect on the live of the State and its People. It is undemocratic to disallow any peaceful Political Party in a State. The BJP is Peaceful in Words but its hand extends long and harsh against Secular Groups. Nagaland cannot disallow BJP in the State just because it is a Christian Majority State. That would be illegal and undemocratic. There would always be Christian who use the BJP for his personal gain and the BJP use individual Muslim also to advance its own purpose.
However, there is only one Chief Minister in a State and the fortunes of the State very much rests on him.
People in the rest of the country today see a completely different look and Christian in the whole of the North East especially at Nagaland.
Mr. Neiphi Rio has every personal right and freedom to leave the high Post of the Chief Minister of Nagaland and go wherever he likes: the Son of God left his Glory in Heaven and came down to earth to dwell with lowly Man. Individually, it is Neiphi’s own inviolable personal freedom of choice to be with whichever political Party he likes.
However, what is odd is for a Christian Chief Minister to abandon a so-called Christian State and go dancing with a political Party known for its allergic opposition to Christianity: That is most unfortunate for Nagaland and the Nagas!
It is unfortunate for Nagaland that its Chief Minister abandons the CM Post and goes into collaboration with the BJP for their mutual Interests; not very surprisingly already many a good Naga Christian keep mum on the Issue in loyalty to their understandable educated preference to elitism! They seem to have loyalty more to their influential friends than to their Faith. If the Chief Minister were my own biological Brother, I would have very strongly advised him not to be yoked together with any anti-Christian.
Is God out to teach Naga Christians a good Lesson?

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