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Western Sumi students tell UGs to stop employing Bangladeshis, immigrants

By EMN Updated: Feb 21, 2015 11:41 pm

Anger over use of immigrants in political groups

Dimapur, February 21

[dropcap]R[/dropcap]allying to the call of worried civil organizations in Nagaland about the increasing menace posed by Bangladeshi nationals in Nagaland, a major students’ organization in Dimapur has also joined the widespread condemnation at the Naga underground groups for using the immigrants. The people of Nagaland are called up to stand against the menace.The Western Sumi Students’ Organization (WSSU) issued a statement on Saturday terming “intolerable” the act of the “Naga political groups” in employing illegal immigrants, especially Bangladeshi nationals. Expressing shock, especially after the recent arrest of a non-Naga armed cadre of the NSCNC (IM) who was apprehended by security forces, the western Sumi students denounced the illegal activities being carried out by the illegal Bangladeshi immigrants in and around Dimapur.
The union expressed shock at the report of one Nurjahan Hussein who was caught with a ‘silencer pistol,’ and found to be working under one Johar Ali and Hashim of the NSCN (I-M).
The WSSU expressed its resentment at the Naga political groups’ use of Bangladeshi nationals as so called “tax collector.” Such ways are “highly intolerable and such tag should be stopped before hand and should never be repeated again,” the students organization stated.
The union also conveyed its dismay at the district administration and government departments who the WSSU alleged were “entertaining” illegal Bangladeshi immigrants in the offices. The union has cautioned all the heads of departments that “such kind of reports of IBI’s should not be reported here after.”
It is indeed disheartening when in spite of many educated unemployed Nagas, the illegal Bangladeshi immigrants are “enjoying those privileges,” the WSSU stated.
The students’ organization expressed strong support to the call of the anti-immigrants group, Survival Nagaland, and said it was shocked to know that the Naga armed organizations were using illegal immigrants. The western Sumi students expressed “extreme gratitude” and appreciated the movement of the Survival Nagaland for their tireless effort to check the influx of illegal Bangladeshi immigrants.
“The recent achievements of the Survival Nagaland movement as published in the local dailies deserve the utmost appreciation of all the Nagas. The union assures its solidarity towards the movement and resolves to stand and fight for the cause hand in hand,” the WSSU stated.
Making a clarion call to the concerned citizens of Nagaland, students’ organizations, and nongovernmental organizations to support and cooperate with the movement of Survival Nagaland where and when the need arises.
“It is time we protect our land from the growing influence of illegal Bangladeshi immigrants and the ‘drain of wealth’ of our people,” the WSSU stated.
The union has called upon all responsible and people-loving Naga citizens to stand up and be a part of the Survival Nagaland. “Together we shall preserve, protect and rebuild our society for a better future,” the WSSU added.

By EMN Updated: Feb 21, 2015 11:41:31 pm