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Wednesday, February 08, 2023

Western Sumi Kukami Hoho’s fear of factional clashes unfounded, says WC NNPG

By EMN Updated: Feb 04, 2022 11:38 pm

Dimapur, Feb. 4 (EMN): The Working Committee, Naga National Political Groups (WC-NNPG) on Friday stated that the fear of factional clashes and violence by the Western Sumi Kukami Hoho (WSKH) is unfounded.

In a press release issued by its media cell, the WC-NNPG stated that it was disturbed by the claims made by a “group of Western Sumi GBs taking the banner of WSKH”, which it said has damaged the good image of Western Sumi customary institution.

The group said that former WSKH leaders who expressed fear of factional clashes should mention those preparing for such conflict. It added that there is no reason for the public to have such fear after the stakeholders had worked so hard for reconciliation and unity among Naga political groups (NPGs).

It accused certain former WSKH leaders of their involvement in the exit of former NSCN Reformation vice president Akato Chophy from the group and the NNPG, while asking if the approval of the all Western Sümi villages was sought before taking the move.

Stating that Chophy knows the Agreed Position signed between the government of India and the WC-NNPG well, the group also claimed “he is working hard to sabotage honourable political settlement”, placing his personal ambition above the common good.

Allaying fears of violence, the WC-NNPG said seven NPGs came together in 2016 under the initiative of Naga tribes, NGBF, Churches, civil societies and individuals and affirmed that “factional clashes and killings among Nagas must not reoccur” and the Naga issue must be settled in consultation with the stakeholders.

Reiterating that the political negotiations between the WC-NNPG and the GoI had concluded on October 31, 2019, it said “this is the time for Nagas to create an atmosphere of peace and not conflict”.

By EMN Updated: Feb 04, 2022 11:38:41 pm