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Western Chakhesang Hoho honours its elders

By EMN Updated: Jan 16, 2014 12:31 am


Minister for Roads & Bridges, Kuzholuzo (Azo) Nienu and Nagaland Legislative Assembly (NLA) Speaker, Chotisuh Sazo on Wednesday urged the Chakhesang community elders to guide the young. Speaking as chief guest at the 75 years and above gathering programme organized by the Western Chakhesang Hoho (WCH) at the Chakhesang church premises, Sazo hailed the efforts community elders have put in to settle in Western area, especially Dimapur. ‘It your sincere and dedicated efforts and far sighted vision which have paved way for the younger generation to live with rest of the Naga community in Western area’, he lauded.
The NLA Speaker also urged the elders to correct the younger generation in re-inculcating the good qualities associated with the tribe. Blaming the younger lots for wasting their most productive years as the result of the community still lacking behind others, the NLA Speaker pointed out the need to do away with vices to improve economy.
The Speaker also prayed that God would continue to prolong their lives to guide the community for better days. Roads & Bridges minister encouraged the elders to lead in forging the unity among the tribe.
“As a community, we are still lacking behind other tribes in every field. We however have their respect because of our elder’s hard working culture and truthfulness,” he said adding, there was need to groom younger lot on the same line.
To compete with the rest of the Nagas, the minister sought the need to seek God first. WCH president, Vekhosayi Nyekha highlighting the significance of the programme said contemporary society on many occasions fails to acknowledge the elderly, who are few in number.
The WCH hence organised the gathering programme to acknowledge them and seek their blessing, he informed. Earlier, octogenarian Vepoyi Swuro pronounced the guardian angel blessing for the Chakhesang community residing in western areas.

By EMN Updated: Jan 16, 2014 12:31:26 am