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Monday, March 20, 2023
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We Oppose Violence and the Threat of Violence

By EMN Updated: Oct 25, 2019 10:00 pm

Because of our history and the untold pain and suffering our people have experienced over the decades from different forces, we are today committed to non-violence and action based on honest and open dialogue. We are concerned Nagas, who oppose violence and the threat of violence in any form by any group.

We honour, recognise and support the historical foundation and political rights of our people. We remember with great pride and gratitude the immense sacrifices our forefathers and mothers have made.

We acknowledge and welcome the Government of India (GOI) efforts for its renewed vigour in pursuing a conclusion to the protracted Indo-Naga conflict that has brought great loss to both parties.

We salute and acknowledge the efforts of all our National Workers in the past and present, who have worked tirelessly to represent the rights, needs and aspirations of Nagas throughout our freedom struggle. We are unitedin our stand that we cannot be put into a position to choose one group over another.

And therefore,at this point of transition in Naga history, the concerned Nagas would like to reiterate the following points that:

1. In the presentcrisis, our key concern is that violence should no longer be used by any of the groups to implement the settlement. We demand that the negotiating groups and the GOI make sure no bloodshed starts again. We declare that we oppose violence.

2. A full disclosure of theAgreement and the terms of any agreement must be fully made transparent to the Naga public in paper.

3. Naga public must be given reasonable time tounderstand and discuss the details to decide on a due course of action and consensus with our leaders.

4. The arbitrary imposition of a deadline of October 31st to conclude a Final Agreement for a conflict that has dragged on for more than 7 decades has generated an atmosphere of fear, resentment, uncertainty and doubt among the Naga people. Thisimposition will prove to be a needless, costly blunder.

5. We assertthat any agreement made under duress and collusion cannot be regarded as a binding agreement.

6. A solution that serves the needs of all Nagas is the mandate of the hour. Any measures to divide Nagas at this juncture will result in undue misunderstandings.

7. We appeal to all the different groups of National Workers to rise above their differences whatever they maybe,and evolve together a solution that our people deserve and expect fromthem.

8. We appeal to the GOI to take cognisance of this matter and make it known to the people of India the deep yearning of the Nagas to live with dignity and respect, in peace and in friendship.

Concerned Nagas,
Akum Jamir
Yanbemo Ovung
Amos Humtsoe
Jwenga Seb
Awa Jamir
Dr. Yan Murry
Avibu Terhuja
Susan Lotha
Toshinaro Longchar

By EMN Updated: Oct 25, 2019 10:00:42 pm