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‘We have to demystify assumptions on autism’

By EMN Updated: Sep 21, 2014 11:55 pm


A seminar on Autism with resource person Lindsay Graham Longkumer was organized by the Sisterhood Network, Dimapur on September 19 at Anchor Building, Burma Camp. The objective of the seminar according to Graham was to offer an understanding of autism and to demonstrate why people with autism behave in the way they do. “We have to demystify some assumptions on autism, understand the child’s world and to engage with them creatively”.
“We have to understand the world from their perspective”, Graham said while pointing that “searching for cure is cruel” but “helping them to grow and live by recognizing non-verbal children as they are is more important”. “Therefore, early intervention is crucial”, she adds.
The seminar was helpful for the participants to understand the behaviour and nature of people with autism, as well as the difficulties they have in learning and developing different strategies for helping an autistic person to learn skills. The participants included experts from CIHSR, Prodigals Home, Ichtus Resource Centre, School of Social Work and some CBO’s. A few mother’s of autistic children also participated.
Special focus was on the issues and challenges of non-verbal children, and how the primary care givers or even community workers must understand their needs. Later there was a lively discussion of the issues, along with some practical group exercises and demonstrations to enable participants to experience something of how the world is experienced by those with autism.
Lindsay Graham Longkumer has over 14 years experience of working with people with learning disabilities. In 2006, she established an educational programme for young people with autism and complex needs in Scotland. This project works with young people to help them to communicate, learn and develop new skills in preparation for their adult life. Lindsay has also trained teachers and other support staff to work with people with special needs.

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