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Tuesday, February 07, 2023

WC-NNPG criticism of legislators ‘unfortunate’ — Murry

By Reyivolü Rhakho Updated: Mar 21, 2022 10:08 pm

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Kohima, March 21 (EMN): Naga People’s Front legislator Dr. Chumben Murry on Monday said that it was “really unfortunate” for the Working Committee –Naga National Political Groups to describe the efforts of the 60 legislators as “neo-NPC” and cautioned them of entering “unchartered dangerous area”.

He said this while participating in the discussion on the motion of thanks to the governor’s address on the second day of the 11th session of the Nagaland Legislative Assembly.

The NPF legislator said that neither the parliamentary committee nor its core committee members were part of the negotiations nor will they be signatories of the solution that will come by.

“It was unfortunate to have such myopic attitude at this critical juncture when the yearning for solution on the part of the Assembly is realistic, sincere and we are unanimous on the fact that we desire a solution before election.

“Unfortunately, the participation of the mass is also missing. Any solution that is to come will be a solution for the people as a whole and neither for the 60 members of this house nor for the NPGs alone,” he said.

The legislator said that Nagas had become “solution fatigue and complacent in our actions”.

“Therefore, the want for solution or settlement must become a mass movement, people should come out in mass peace rallies voicing their desire for solution”, he observed.

On the criticism of the NPCC and RPP on the formation of an all-party government, he said that ‘little do they understand that the formation of opposition-less government is an explicit example of enabling renewed effort to facilitate the Naga solution without any reservation’.

He added that ‘two opposing benchers coming together even for Naga cause has not been easy. Even parliamentarians from other state assemblies are amazed and eager to come and visit the assembly to see and hear how an opposition-less government came about’.

‘To them it is unbelievable but to us it can happen when it comes to the Naga issue (an issue that is dear to all of us’, Murry said.

On the ULB election, he said that consultative meetings have been fruitful.

‘However, adult learning is different. It is more difficult to change pre-conceived notions in the minds of adults even with rational explanation, it takes time,’ he said and appreciated the chief minister for initiating multiple consultations with various stakeholders on the issue.

 He also cautioned the department of Municipal Affairs on the allocation of reserved seats for women. “The upcoming election should be conducted on the formula adopted in 2017. Moreover, any formula for seat reservation should be comprehensive, covering the whole period for which the reservation will be in force. People are finally receptive to the election and further problems should not be created”, the legislator said.

 He also observed that govt. of the day is not silent on the matter of employment generation.

‘People within the age group of 18-25, which account for about 20% of the population, is the critical area and it is this group who will need more handholding and capacity building particularly in various vocational skills training, business and entrepreneurship and financial facilitation etc’, he said.

 “The unorganised sector is being taken care of. Increasing annual efforts in building up sustainable livelihood are being provided through machineries and financial assistance and various capacity building schemes,” he said.

‘IDAN, the brainchild of the chief minister, is taking entrepreneurship a step up and forward and these can in turn generate avenues for employment of locals,’ he added.

Upgrade Meluri to separate district

Senior NPF legislator Imkong L Imchen, while lauding the creation of districts, observed that Meluri upgrade to a separate district is long overdue.

According to the legislator, Meluri has many “rationale reasoning” and criteria that “deserve” to be created as a district.

Besides the size of population and landmass, the constituency is rich in mineral deposits and can create socio-economic benefits not only to the region but to the state as a whole.

He urged the government of the day to upgrade the sub-division into a full-fledged district so that justice can be done to the people.

Participating in the motion of thanks to the governor’s address, NPF MLA Yitachu also spoke on a similar note and urged the government to look into the matter. Particularly, with the 60th year of state celebration due next year, ‘it is appropriate for the government to take up celebration. Based on which, many issues can be finalised and development activities can be reached at,’ he added.

While Nagaland state border issue with Assam has been long deliberated, he raised concerns on border issues with other areas of Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh, and Myanmar.

He said that villages in the border areas have their cultivation land falling into other states/ countries and said ‘why a Naga should be deprived of their own right to property’.

“It is high time for the government to take serious note and evolve a mechanism with neighbouring states and countries. Resolve the area where there are discrepancies and take up the issue at the national level if so required”, he urged.

He also observed that the Department of Under Developed Areas (Duda) is taking care of border areas and of late, ‘funds have been shrinking’.

“It is a sector where a lot of things have to be done especially in the border along Myanmar. Unless, it opens up activities in this area, it may become an area creating issue”, he said.

The legislator also raised the issue of college-level teachers wherein 145 professors have been struggling for regularisation.

Many of these professors have crossed ten years, he said and appealed to the government to give special attention and take extra steps to regularise their service.

The legislator further said that equality and justice should go to each and every town instead of focusing on a specific area.

Check illegal mining

NPF legislator Dr. Imtiwapang Aier brought to the notice of the Geology and Mining department about “many” illegal mining and explorations that are going on, which in turn is leading to environmental hazards in those areas. He cited examples of animals being found dead due to water pollution.

“Because of unscientific mining, artificial lakes are formed with toxic concentration,” he said and recommended that the dept. take more responsibility and check those illegal mining activities.

He also demanded the Special Investigation Team (SIT) report and the Army’s Court of Enquiry be made available at the earliest.

With the decision to go ahead with election to the ULB with 33% women reservation, he suggested extensive touring be made before elections in towns and villages to give a clear picture of women reservation. Further, proper education should be given on taxation in the rural areas.

He also requested the chief minister and deputy chief minister to make it a priority to make the foothill road motorable, given the fact that border issues flare up from time to time resulting into economic blockade.

114 oil drilling sites identified

Advisor of Horticulture and Border Affairs, Mhathung Yanthan assured that the select committee on the inter-state border issue along Assam-Nagaland is “seriously” taking up the matter.

He also informed there is a positive indication for sharing of oil royalty extracted from the disputed area belt (DAB). For this, the state government has already taken up the task and has identified 114 oil drilling sites falling within DAB.

Minister of Agriculture and Cooperation, G Kaito Aye endorsed the governor’s address and termed it as the “best” governor address. He said that the Governor’s address highlights ‘everything which signifies that the government is improving’.

By Reyivolü Rhakho Updated: Mar 21, 2022 10:08:19 pm