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Watsu Mungdang readies to celebrate indigenous wealth

By Our Correspondent Updated: Nov 23, 2018 12:45 am

Our Correspondent
Mokokchung, Nov. 22 (EMN): A project of the Watsu Mungdang called ‘Aowli Benjongmong 2018’ to promote traditional arts and craft of the Ao Naga tribe will commence from Dec. 6th, to be conducted till the 8th, at the Imkongmen Sports Complex in Mokokchung.
Informing about the event during a press conference at the Watsu Mungdang president’s chamber on Tuesday evening, the organisation’s officials asserted that the festival would be held with a prayer that it would have an impact and create positive prospects in the future.
They said to revive the ‘dying traditional values’ and arts of weaving, handicraft, indigenous food preparations etc. That way, the organisers said, the young would inherit the rich traditions; this is the main priority of the festival.

The word “Aowli is also taken as the brand name for anything produced and promoted by Watsu Mungdang.” The mission statement of the ‘Ao Benjongmong’ is to promote sustainable livelihood and social uplift to improve the quality of life, the updates stated.
To make the festival grand, the Wastu Mungdang has made an elaborate plan. They have included sale of local rich and organic vegetables, fruits; livestock; flowers, handicrafts, nd home-based products; and indigenous food. They informed 42 units have shared their willingness to participate in the festival.

The organisation informed that traditional arts and craft; amd weaving, basket making, pottery etc., would also be showcased at the event. Interested persons can learn the craft from experts during the event too, it was informed.
The organisation has also included indigenous games such as tug of war, Nulet Tsungtepba (spear target), Nukti Jaja (stilt bamboo walking), Lijak Katepba (catapult shooting) etc. to make the festival even more interesting.

Further, the organisation has set up a stage for artists from within and outside Mokokchung. As Christmas is fast approaching, the organisation has prepared a special Advent Christmas programme. A ‘Christmas tree competition’ among youth ministries and an inter-ward Christmas carol competition, among others, will be part of the Advent Christmas programme.

The Watsu Mungdang has informed that the venue of the festival has been declared a plastic-free zone. No plastic bag will be allowed; only paper bags, banana leaves and bags made from clothes will be allowed, the organisers.
They added that paper bags, banana leaves and bags made of fabric can be purchased anywhere at the venue.

Aowli Benjongmung was launched on Dec. 12 2017 as was resolved during the 21st Watsu Mungdang Conference in 2017 that the organization would endeavour to focus on fostering a sustainable economy for sustainable livelihood.

Available information said Aowli Benjongmung is going to be a yearly event, during which the Ao people will have the opportunity to sell, purchase, promote and showcase products, besides meeting as a community for the betterment of the society. People interested in opening stalls can obtain forms from the Watsu Mungdang’s office.

By Our Correspondent Updated: Nov 23, 2018 12:45:59 am