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Watsü Mungdang gives seed money to projects

By Our Correspondent Updated: Sep 03, 2019 11:21 pm

Our Correspondent
Mokokchung, Sep. 3 (EMN): As part of the Ao women organisation Watsü Mungdang’s ‘Aowli temelenshi’ (sustainable change) pilot project, seed money of INR 50,000 was handed over to a group called Kinunger Watsü Telen to cultivate chilli for year-round production, on September 3.

Watsü Mungdang’s officials informed that the Aowli temelenshi was a project aiming at achieving economic empowerment of women.

Under the project, they said, proactive groups from villages are being identified for their sustainable products cultivated from the fields, or other innovative products and items made by them.

Such target groups are given micro assistance from the project to enhance their production, the organisation’s leaders informed.

This time the Kinunger Watsü Telen was identified for their chilli production for which the organisation provided assistance so that the group would be able to produce chilli year-round for the community and reduce the import of chilli from outside.

A similar assistance was provided to another group called the Longmisa Wastu Telen to invest in poultry farming. The income from the poultry is a testament of the project that assistance can empower women economically, said a Watsü Mungdang official.


By Our Correspondent Updated: Sep 03, 2019 11:21:36 pm