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Wake up call to Naga unemployed youth

By EMN Updated: Sep 27, 2013 11:47 pm

Rajuselie Lhousa

READERS, you must have come across the news report on September 18 about “shortage of local Maths and Science teachers” in Nagaland.
Following lines will remind what the Minister for school education had declared, according to media reports, after taking oath of affirmation at NLA Secretariat. Solution tips are also attempted for public consumption.The Minister in charge of school education reportedly disclosed that there are no sufficient qualified local candidates for recruitment to Maths and Science teacher posts in Government schools. Is it true, my dear graduates from science background? He also revealed that the State government is working on a mechanism for relaxation i.e recruitment of non-locals for the post of Maths and Science teachers in Nagaland. Wahoo!
(Is this a government of the Nagas for…..?). I wonder who–arts or Science, those many thousand graduates still unemployed are. (The Honourable Governor of Nagaland knows best about unemployment in Nagaland). Are they ill-educated and unemployable? The education minister also candidly exposed that the Chief Minister has approved of the relaxation move.
The education Minister also announced the decision of the government to downgrade the government Schools producing ‘nil’ performance in the HSLC exams. It would be more beneficial for the public, had he touched on free distribution of textbooks and uniforms, mid-day meals, transfer with post, illegal substitute practice etc. in school education department.
In a State like Nagaland, with the advancement of living standard (not civilization) taking place for the last few decades, many maintain a status by keeping ‘baby-sitters’–care and rear a child, in their homes. So is the State government practicing appointment of non-locals for all grades in different departments (read ‘baby-sitter’)–to develop our State?
We call ourselves a ‘consumer’ society. But we fail to teach our society to put effort in every work. We invite ourselves being reduced in business, transport, government offices and now education ‘teachers’ to mould Naga children. Except those in the rural villages and the few in power and government offices, we are nowhere. We have been depending on the support of non-locals all these decades. We are moulded to become ‘what we are’ today.
I give honour and greatest respect to those who have faithfully served with God forbids who have a mindset Naga manu khanke bhal para hikai dile, amikhan kam nepai jabo dedication to build a better ‘mankind’ on Nagas. Oh! Yes, we are still here. Why? We continue to face the brunt. It’s high time to stand up on our own feet. Hope you have experience going beyond Nagaland State to get a job. Your presence alone raises eyebrows.
To give a quick comment, the ‘relaxation’ must point towards employing our own educated unemployed youth. Deviation would mean (not ‘towards’ but) against one’s own people’s interest. On the policy of “thinking global, acting local”, local candidates, be it little variation of the prescribed criteria of qualification or above entry point ‘age bar’ can contribute valued service. Local teachers can be best to mould their own children: to run its own government schools- future impact.
A supplementation is, Nagas from beyond the arbitrarily demarcated boundary of present Nagaland viz. Burma, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam and Manipur having required qualification can also be offered opportunity for employment in Nagaland, be it educational or any other sector, instead of non-locals. One need not feel allergic or irritational on Nagas outside Nagaland being offered small opportunities. They are much dearer and nearer than the huge appointed employees from non-local communities in different departments under Nagaland government. It’s high time to realize what is proper.
The success route to bring up the government schools in Nagaland is absolutely clear and simple. The affairs: appointment, transfer, regulations, disciplinary actions, etc. of teachers in education department must be purely apolitical; the ‘local community’–the VECs, faithfully exercise their role for the betterment of the upcoming generation and the opportune government teachers contribute true dedication. Then, surely, education sector can bloom beyond the HSLC exams.
For posterity sake, I wish to appeal to the Chief Minister of Nagaland to withdraw his approval of the relaxation on appointment of non-locals for Maths and Science Teacher in Nagaland.
On reaching 50 years of Statehood, lets remove the tag “many Naga officers love their pets more than their children”, and celebrate peace, love and affection for one another in our Naga family. May the Nagas too live up truthfully and journey well. Hello, hello-o, my fellow educated local youth and thinkers of Nagaland, are you there?
If anyone feels reading ‘employment’ issues a good menu, one may go to January 26 & 27 issue and see for the ‘exploring employment’ article.
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