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Vote Banks

By The Editorial Team Updated: Jun 21, 2017 10:18 pm

Since Independence, almost all the political parties of the country have indulged in vote-bank politics and there is no gainsaying that this kind of politics has affected the country badly. Often, political parties were seen giving preferences to vote-bank politics ignoring the interest of the nation. As a result, dalit, minority, OBC, saffron, etc, has become part of Indian politics.

The recent notification by the Union Government banning cattle trade apart from agricultural use is a decision prompted by vote-bank politics. Clearly, the decision has been taken to appease a vast section of electorate in the so called cow belt of the country, forcing large number of citizens to change their food habits. If the decision was taken to help the struggling agriculture sector in the country, every Indian citizen would have welcomed it. But the effort to prevent beef-eating through such a backdoor mean is condemnable, to say the least.

This is not one of example of vote-bank politics. If one has to mention all such decisions, no research is required. The infamous Ram Temple-Babri Masjid issue, Shah Bano case and various other instances of vote-bank politics should be mentioned to mention few among plenty. It is hard to believe that at the threshold of 21st century, India despite all its secular credentials witnessed a deep-rooted divide on religious lines. Similarly, Shah Bano case is a perfect example of minority appeasement. Overruling the Supreme Court verdict by passing a law in the Parliament is a permanent scar on Indian democracy. Mayawati’s move to build huge number of parks and statues by using public fund or Mamata Banerjee’s denial to agree to Teesta Accord with Bangladesh is also examples of vote-bank politics.

Now, consider the mentioned decisions and many such other decisions taken by various political parties while in power along with the well being of the nations. Even the strongest supporter of such a decision will not be able to claim that such steps have taken the country forward even an inch. Time has come now for us to realise the democracy is not all about winning elections. Rather, with every such decision the country headed backwards. Democracy means providing equal justice and freedom to all irrespective of their caste, creed and religion. If we fail to provide equal opportunities to all, the very idea of a democratic country and a welfare state gets defeated. Majority support does not give any political party the right to ignore the basic rules of democracy. History shows that whoever had tried to suppress the people barring equality and justice met with failures. It is because of the strength of democracy that power has shifted from one party to another in India. But if the new incumbent commits the same mistakes as its predecessors, sooner than expected, it will be on its way out. National interest is paramount. No one should dare to ignore it for the sake of vote-bank politics. Otherwise, the ever vigilant Indian electorate will not hesitate to give them a befitting reply.

By The Editorial Team Updated: Jun 21, 2017 10:18:50 pm
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