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Viswema village celebrates Te-l Khukhu festival

By EMN Updated: Jul 07, 2017 11:50 pm
Women folk of Viswema village in traditional attire at the celebration of Te-1 Khukhu festival on July 7.

Dimapur, July 7 (EMN): The traditional festival of the Angami community dedicated only to innocent head shaven damsels ‘Te-l Khukhu’ was celebrated with zest and pomp at R Khel in Viswema village under Kohima district. The programme was organised by Rachü Youth Organization (RYO).
Speaking on the occasion, Tebül Neikha called upon the girls to rededicate themselves to God to have healthy and progressive life. He also asked them to reason together and strive towards living a dignify life.
The celebration was chaired by RYO president Meyiekül Noswe.
Te-l Khukhu is celebrated on the 13th of Chünyi (July) dedicated and celebrated only to innocent head shaven damsels during the olden days. It is a time of giving and sharing of food with each other. This is the only festival dedicated for girls.
Young village damsels are abuzz with preparations for the Te-I Khukhu festival. They collect flowers in advance to decorate ‘Chokrwu’ (eaves) at the entrance of the house. Flowers placed on the eaves and roof opening including ‘Kika’ (V shaped wooden board), while ‘Pithanü’ will be lined on the inner walls of the ‘Phyokhru.’
During preparation of Te-I Khukhu, men cut ‘Phsü’ (Oak) trees and collect ‘Olo’ (Carpenter worms), while the womenfolk grind ‘Othsü’ (Millet) and catch ‘Kona’ (edible snails) for the fest. The cooked foods are served in ‘Nakawu’ (Type of peepal) leaf rolled into cone shape and pinned with small bamboo pieces.
However, with the advent of Christianity on the serene land of Viswema, the shaven head damsels are no more seen and rituals no more performed. Yet the significance of Te-l Khukhu can be told and be revisited by encouraging every Viswema damsels to partake in the festival every year on the 13th of Chünyi (July).

By EMN Updated: Jul 07, 2017 11:50:33 pm