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Vision 2030 on Health and Family Welfare Development Perspective

By EMN Updated: Aug 22, 2016 12:00 am

While the Govt .has proposed the establishment of a Medical college and Nursing College attached to the CISHR (Referral hospital) Dimapur, I would like to make the following comments.

With due respect to all the Doctors and staffs at CISHR ,the proposal to establish a Medical college and Nursing College in 2030 document, to be attached to the CISHR Dimapur is confusing , lacks clarity of vision and is not in the best interest of the public for the following reasons :

1. The Government of Nagaland has already taken all the necessary action for starting a Government Medical College at Kohima as per approval and sanction of the Government of India, this should not be aborted at the cost of a private Institution.

2. The Vision, in my opinion , should envisage building up the Government sector first and then the private hospitals, because it is the Government sector that will play a more substantial role in holistically providing Health Care Delivery system.

3. The Vision document should include provisions that recognizes and supports all private institutions that contribute to public health care rather than focusing on a particular institution only.

4. Half of the Nursing, Para Medical and MBBS seats will be sacrificed by the Govt. to the private Hospital as per MoU with CIHSR.

5. This Vision is not in the best interest of the public as poor patients normally have to pay more in Private Hospitals.

6. This not in keeping with the demand of Nagaland In Service Doctors Association (NIDA).

Yours faithfully
Retired Principal Director
Health and Family Welfare Deppt.
Nagaland, Kohima

By EMN Updated: Aug 22, 2016 12:00:46 am