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Villages in Senapati district organise community fishing event

By EMN Updated: Apr 13, 2021 10:51 pm
Residents of Yangkhullen village in Senapati district are seen during the community fishing event on April 11.

Dimapur, April 13 (EMN): Yangkhullen and neighbouring villages in Senapati district under Manipur organised community fishing event on April 11.

“Hekazo” in Zeme dialect is an annual community fishing event for kindred of  Zeliangrong community. It has been practicing since time immemorial by the forefathers and handed to the younger generation orally to the present days of the Zeme tribe.

According to the old traditional beliefs, it bring fortune to the people and even a person could extend his/her life for a certain period of time. It was believed that Teie-Sang (baton) leaving on the river bank after beating/ thrashing the creepers bark seem to earn actions which wards off evil spirits and defends human lives from evil spirits.

It is a tradition that male gender fished and give the caught fishes to females before lunch. It was also believed that newly married couple are supposed to go fishing to earn good fortune in future.

Prior to the day, all the male members go to the jungles in search of a tree bark called Tekia (Schima Walachii) and creepers Nteie (Acacia species). People use different herbs and tree for fishing like Nzen Goi (Redbay berry/ mysica rubra), Tekei  (Jugleuse regiga), Hagi Keha (polygonium hydropiper), Langta Fui Hei (Azerethum Conizoides) etc. However, common people used only Ntei (Acacia pennata) and Tekia (Shima walachii) for community fishing.

The villagers guard and monitor excessive human activities of the river ecosystem like poisoning by using chemicals, extracting of forest and riverine products. Whenever a community goes for fishing, people used only eco-friendly substances which are natural products, an update from the Yangkhullen community stated on Tuesday.

Briefing media personnel, Lunghenjoing Hau, former chairman of Yangkhullen village, stated that the event was usually organised every year since time immemorial. Having used the organic poisoning for fishing in the river, he said that children and women would be given permission to start fishing before mid day. Later, the male adults would go fishing along the Dzüko River. The former chairman stated that the event is observed for five days by inviting all the neighbouring villages to join the celebration.

Yangkhullen in Senapati district lies in the northern part of the district which is about 80 kms from district headquarters, Senapati. It is also known as “Heritage village” in the region.

Report stated that different neighbouring villages including Tamphung, Ziumi, Bakie and Nsebekie numbering more than 1,000 including women and some children attended fishing event.

By EMN Updated: Apr 13, 2021 10:51:34 pm