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Vikheho urges Aphuyemi to pursue forefathers legacy

By Our Correspondent Updated: Aug 19, 2016 12:20 am

KOHIMA, AUGUST 18: Minister of PWD (Roads & Bridges), Y Vikheho Swu, today launched the All Nagaland Aphuyemi Elders Forum (ANAEF) during a function held at the Nagaland Senior Citizens Association (NSCA) office premises, Old Civil Secretariat, Kohima.
In his address as the chief guest, the minister said the people of Aphuyemi (Pughoboto Sub-division) are reaping the fruits of good examples set by the forefathers, who were the first generation Christians of Pughoboto area.
Stating that the first generation Christians of Pughoboto sub-division were devoted preachers while adding that the second generation elders also did not commit any mistakes, he said that it was because of their sincerity, devotion, honesty and hard-working nature that the present generation are reaping the fruits.In this context, the minister called upon the citizens of present generation in the area to continue the good deeds of the forefathers and make honesty, simplicity and respect for one another as a way of life.
Maintaining that this month has been significant for the Aphuyemi people as two major organisations – Sumi Aphuyemi Hoho and ANAEF- were constituted, he emphasised on the need to develop better coordination between the organisations and work out strategies to give back to the society instead of only demanding from the society.
He expressed hope that with the establishment of the two major organisations, Pughoboto sub-division would progress and see better days ahead.
On the social front, the minister called upon the people of the area to take the advantage of being located near to the State capital. He suggested that they should try to bring their products to Kohima for economic benefit.
Also stating that Pughoboto would soon become a major centre with two new National Highways passing through the sub-division, he called upon the Aphuyemi people scattered in other parts of the state to get back and help in the uplift of the area.
NSCA president, Dr. SI Tushi Ao, addressing the gathering as guest of honour, called upon the elders to adopt healthy life-styles like avoidance of tobacco and alcohol, involving in physical fitness, healthy eating, meditation etc.
He mentioned that elders would continue to be the pillars and guardians of the society because of their knowledge, wisdom and experience despite change of time and lifestyle. He also called upon elders to assert themselves and make their presence felt by contributing towards the welfare of the society.
He also highlighted different schemes for the older persons such as Old Age Pension, Annapurna, Old Age Home facilities, travel concessions, health care etc.
Chaired by Advisor of ANAEF, S Ghunakha Swu, the programme commenced with invocation prayer by Executive Secretary SABAK (Pughoboto), Rev. Hotokhu P Jimomi. ANAEF president, P Yeghoto Chishi, delivered the welcome address, while special numbers were presented by elders group of Sumi Aphuyemi Baptist Church Kohima and True Vine. ANAEF treasurer, Kihito Chishi, tendered the vote of thanks.

By Our Correspondent Updated: Aug 19, 2016 12:20:21 am