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Views on United Government

By EMN Updated: Aug 31, 2021 10:21 pm

None will raise objection to the concept of forging unity among different parties as unity is a pleasantly accepted word that promises stability and progress. Nevertheless the idea of constituting a united government drawn from divergent parties and ideologies and visions may portray a different picture altogether. In a secular democracy as we have in our country where there is multi party system, it may be necessary to have an opposition party as a night watchman to watch, correct and alert the ruling party in restraining the government from intruding into the areas of misadventures.

Presently we have a full-fledged state with a special provision under Article 371(A) of the constitution of India, which many states in India with much better financial resources and bigger states do not enjoy. Under the federal structure as we have in our country, every state is invested with appropriate powers for running the state with numerous developmental and welfare initiatives and the progress of the developmental programmes of the states lies with the concerned states.

The idea of a united government may perhaps be an ideal concept that rings music in one’s ears but in practice its concept is exposed to much public scrutiny. It may also be conveniently argued whether such ‘hand shake’ rituals for unity of sorts is necessary in paving the way for a final political settlement though none is in a position to define the kind of final settlement. In the context of public opinion one is expected to know whether there are issues that needs for a settlement after all.

The constitution of a united government appears more of a political gimmick than a reality. For a healthy democracy we need a strong healthy opposition that can deal with any issues of public interest in the house of the Legislature or outside where it can be discussed freely and decide democratically. We need no view from Delhi if issues are appropriately handled and democratically settled for running our state. 

Tali Longkumer (IAS rtd)

By EMN Updated: Aug 31, 2021 10:21:21 pm