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Saturday, June 10, 2023

View of a Political Analyst of the Present Nagaland Situation

By EMN Updated: Feb 07, 2017 12:21 am

The present situation has erupted due to tussle of 33% Women reservation in Municipal and Town Council election between Women activist and the Civil Societies represented by different HOHOs .The present government machinery headed by the Chief Secretary who is also the Cabinet Secretary is not able to function properly. The angry volunteers have locked the main gate of the Civil Secretariat and no government employees are allowed to go to office. No government vehicle is allow to ply on the road constructed by the government..This is a sorry affairs of the Government of Nagaland. Nowhere in the world has ever faced like this situation where the electorates has taken over the power of the government. There is civilian unrest all over Nagaland and the government is handicapped and remaining a mute expect-orator while the whole Old Secretariat Complex at Kohima burned down. Therefore it is understood that the Chief Secretary and all the Advisors to the Chef Minister have not advised wisely and plunged into total confusion.

This situation could have been avoided if the concerned Home Minister and Parliamentary Secretary of Municipal Affairs Department had submitted resignation on moral ground like Dr. Keditsu who was holding the Chairmanship of the NSMDC. The demand of the APO as published in certain local papers to immediately step down the two Ministers is genuine and institutional. Even in the Central Ministry if there is train accident or Air crash , the concerned Ministers submit their resignation on moral ground. To accept or not to accept the resignation depends on Chief Minister. However to cool down the situation and pacify the angry mood of the people this has not been done. It may not be possible to resign the whole cabinet headed by the Chief Minister. Even resignation of the Chief Minister will affect the whole cabinet and the political gamut of the present Ministry. This ultimately will affect the whole 60 MLAs and consequently the DAN government will collapse. This is not advisable because general election is just 11 months away.

CMO media cell statement that 42 legislators are with the Chief Minister has no meaning on the demand of the civil Societies. The present situation is not the issue of majority or minority with the Honorable Chief Minister. Therefore all the 60 legislator support of the CM will not bear any meaning. The demand of the people is resignation of the whole cabinet which means collapse of the present government which is not a good solution.

The present cabinet members have declared the election to the ULB nul and void. As declared by the Lotha HOHO that only the State Election Commission can nullify the Election because the Election Commission is autonomous and not bound by the direction of the cabinet. This in my opinion is correct. Therefore what is the opinion of the State Election Commission is not yet published. The action of the State government to transfer the Dimapur DC and Police Commissioner is biased. They should immediately suspen like in the case of former Dimapur DC in the case of breaking Jail and dragging out one prisoner by the angry public and killed on the spot. Where is justice ??

Lastly, writing to PM to delete part X1 of the Constitution will add salt in the wound. When the power under Article 371A is vested with the State the act passed in the State Assembly allowing 33% women reservation in the ULBs can over-ruled by another Act in the Assembly. The people of Nagaland are not against the ULB election but are opposing the 33% reservation for women which will distract the very fabric of Naga culture. Therefore instead of fighting each other let the Election Commission nullify the UBL election not for two months but indefinitely and give enough time to all the HOHOs and organise consultative meetings and come up with a solution to conduct the ULB election without Women reservation the Women also contest in all the words like in the State General Election and if they won let them run the UBL with their wisdom and bring development to all our Town to compete with the advanced States.


TN Angami
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By EMN Updated: Feb 07, 2017 12:21:02 am