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Friday, December 08, 2023
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Veteran pop star Alisha Chinai and Naga singer Nise Meruno to collaborate

By Mirror Desk Updated: Sep 19, 2018 10:20 pm
Nise Meruno

Two years ago, a musician from Nagaland Nise Meruno, met with one of India’s biggest ‘80s pop stars, Alisha Chinai, in Mumbai. The Naga singer’s urge to lose himself in music has landed him working with the veteran Indian icon.

Sharing this exciting news with Eastern Mirror, the classical musician and brainchild of voice group Zowe Madrigal, said that the surprise happened two years ago in Mumbai when the group was performing at a show.

After Zowe Madrigal’s performance, Alisha Chinai reportedly approached Meruno to write songs for her comeback album, which is expected to be released next year.

“I was blown away and star struck to be approached by India’s Pop icon who I grew up listening to,” the excited singer said.

Meruno’s original Instagram post read: “Never did I imagine that one day I’ll be a ‘songwriter’ for India’s biggest pop icon Alisha Chinai. I am delighted and I give all glory to God for His manifold blessings. I grew up listening (and dancing) to her songs specially ‘Made in India’ and ‘Kajra re’ which will never grow old for me.

When I first met her I was star struck (of course) but her goodness calmed me down. What a beautiful person she is so when I was writing the first song I wanted a tune to bring out the best in her (with my touch). It is indeed an honour for me to be writing songs for a star so big, a talent so amazing, a heart so full of love and yes, I still can’t believe it. Yayyyyy!

He said, “I have been writing songs and anthems but the offer from Alisha was a wonderful feeling. God has blessed me to another level. I travel for concerts, meet a lot of celebrities but the blessing through Alisha is a magnificent blessing…”

Oblivious of Alisha Chinai’s presence in the audience during his performance, Meruno said, “It was uplifting that someone recognises your voice.”

Meruno had his share of struggles while climbing the ladder but his determination, dedication and respect for his talent is bearing results. He insists that the Naga people need to come out of the presumption that they are unreachable, but start appreciating that talent knows no boundary.

“God is there and when we respect our talent, it definitely takes us to unforeseen places with blessings. If we keep blaming the government and the society when we have talent, we will be trapped o we should learnt to sustain,” Meruno said.

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