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Vandalism plagues Kohima’s ‘smart city’ efforts

By EMN Updated: Mar 12, 2020 12:56 am
The Kohima authorities have reported that flowers and plants planted in public areas continue to be either vandalised or ‘taken away’ by people. The image, issued by the Kohima authorities on Wednesday, shows one with, and the other without, the plant along a street in the capital town.  

Dimapur, March 11 (EMN): The Kohima municipal establishment has urged the public of Kohima town to respect public property and the efforts of people who are exerting continuous efforts to keep the town clean and beautiful. 

The Kohima Smart City office and the Kohima Municipal Council (KMC) in collaboration with various organisations and volunteer groups are said to be ‘making an effort to enhance the aesthetics of the town by planting plants and flowers in public areas and along the main roads.’

The flowerpots continue to be ‘taken away,’ or get spat on by passersby, or get waste thrown on them ‘mistaking the pots to be dustbins,’ updates stated.

Kovi Meyase, the administrator of the KMC, issued a press release to the media on Wednesday lamenting that people continue to vandalise flowers or stealing them.

Since 2019, various organisations have been coming forward to adopt and maintain specific areas including traffic points, the press release stated.

‘As one moves around town, one can see some of the flowers in full bloom and green plants pushing new shoots signalling the onset of Spring.’

While it is encouraging to get positive feedback from citizens concerning the humble efforts and initiatives, the press release stated, ‘It is also disheartening that some individuals have gone out of the way to vandalise and also to the extent of taking away the plants.’

“Last December, the pavement potted plants were kicked onto the highway resulting in destruction of the pots as well as the plants along the SKV Petrol Pump stretch.  More than 20 pots of poinsettias in full bloom were also vandalised below the Box Cutting stretch,” the update stated.

According to the press release, the latest incident of a similar nature occurred on March 10 probably during the late hours when all the plants along the PWD junction to the SKV Petrol Pump area were taken away.

“There have been instances over the past three months where few plants were taken away and were replaced. However, this time round all the plants except for two have been taken away. The pots are now standing empty except for waste that is being collected as passersby spit onto the pots and throw their waste mistaking the pots to be dustbins.”

The updates stated that the plants were planted and being maintained by groups who work voluntarily, which involves watering them every alternate day at own expense.

“These initiatives are purely for the citizens towards a cleaner, greener and more livable city. Therefore, this is an appeal to all citizens, not to destroy or take away the plants. Rather, any individual, group or organisations are welcome to adopt areas for beautification. Our city is our responsibility. Let’s join hands to make our city clean, green and beautiful.”

By EMN Updated: Mar 12, 2020 12:56:59 am