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Monday, December 11, 2023

V Rising sells over 2 million copies in first month

By Tekato Longkumer Updated: Jun 20, 2022 10:29 pm
V Rising sells more than 2 million
Photo: Stunlock Studios.

Developer Stunlock Studios‘ open-world vampire survival adventure game V Rising has been one of the few surprising hits of this year and the game is continuing to hit new highs regardless of it being in early access.

Stunlock Studios on Friday announced that the game has managed to sell over 2 million copies on Steam in its first month. The fact that the game managed to pull such numbers whilst still being in early access is quite impressive.

“This is the year of the Vampire! 2 million strong!” reads a post on the game’s official Twitter account.

The game has received praise from the gaming community for being quite polished for an early access game and has “very positive” reviews by more than 32,000 Steam users. At the time of writing this article, the game clocked a 24-hour peak of 43,509 concurrent users, according to SteamDB.

“We at Stunlock are very proud of the amazing start V Rising has made since launching on Early Access,” Stunlock’s CEO Rickard Frisegard said in a statement. “Our goal is to make the best vampire game possible and this is a clear indicator we are on the right path. We will strive to reward our players with a new, ground breaking survival experience and also satiate any bloodlust.”

V Rising was released on Steam Early Access on May 17, 2022 and Indian users can get the game for INR 529.

Here are the latest patch notes for V Rising for update 0.5.42050


  • Players can now dismantle floors and borders that are next to walls/pillars without having to dismantle any wall/pillar first, as long as this does not leave any wall/pillar without a floor connection (#305517).
  • Localization has been added for Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, and Turkish.
  • The localization for Portuguese – Brazil, French, German, Simplified Chinese, and Spanish has been updated to be more accurate and up to date.


  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to jump over walls in certain cases.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when voice muting players.
  • Fixed a bug that could sometimes cause players to not be able to connect to servers (related to #304262, but not expected to solve all reported cases).
  • Improved error handling and error feedback when the server saves the game world (related to #304262 and #304381 but is not expected to solve all reported cases).
  • Added more validation and safety checks to catch more types of rare errors while saving.
  • If the server fails to save, all active players on the server now get a chat notification containing basic information about the type of error that was encountered.
  • The server no longer uses the Windows temp folder while saving the world. It instead saves the temporary files to a neighboring folder to the target save path.
  • Fixed an issue where some font characters were displayed with the wrong font in Hungarian and French (among other languages).
  • Fixed an issue where territory and buildings had a chance of not getting destroyed with their castle if they were constructed at a large enough distance from the Castle Heart (#306085#305657).
  • Fixed an issue where the screen could slowly turn dark (#304465#304266).
  • Fixed a crash that some players experienced when launching the game due to a video player crash. If you are experiencing a launch crash before the cinematic plays, you can turn videos off by entering -noVideo as a launch option to the game (related to #304250 but not expected to solve all reported cases).

Balance Changes

  • Vermin Salve is no longer interrupted by damage during the cast time (will still break during the buff duration if the player takes damage).

Scholar Blood

  • Spell Power bonus reduced to 10-20% from 12-25%.
  • Free Cast chance reduced to 15% from 20%.

Mounted Combat

  • Melee damage done when mounted is reduced by 30%.


Veil of Blood

  • Healing increased to 6% from 5%.


Corpse Explosion

  • Damage increased to 140% from 125%.
  • Fading snare duration increased to 1.5s from 1s.
  • Cooldown reduced to 10 seconds from 12 seconds.

Unstable Mosquito

  • Damage increased to 70% from 60%.

Veil of Bones

  • Initial projectile damage increased to 75% from 25%.
  • Max bounces reduced to 3 from 4.
  • Each bounce now reduces the damage of the next bounce by 25%.


Spectral Wolf

  • Damage increased to 125% from 100%.
  • Cooldown increased to 8 seconds from 7 seconds.

Mirror Strike

  • Cast time reduced to 0.7 seconds from 1 second.


Chaos Barrier

  • Projectile damage reduced to 50% from 70%.

Chaos Volley

  • Cooldown increased to 8 seconds from 7 seconds.
  • Projectile damage reduced to 110% from 125%.

Power Surge

  • Shield absorb reduced to 120% from 150%.

Veil of Chaos

  • Cooldown increased to 9 seconds from 8 seconds.
  • Illusion area damage reduced to 40% from 50%.

Merciless Charge

  • Cast time reduced to 0.7 seconds from 0.8 seconds.
  • Fixed an issue where the player got locked in position for a short duration when the area effect triggered early during the dash.


Crystal Lance

  • Projectile Damage increased to 190% from 150%.
  • Cast time reduced to 1.2 seconds from 1.4 seconds.
  • Cooldown reduced to 7 seconds from 8 seconds.
  • Splinter damage reduced to 40% from 50%.

Ice Nova

  • Cooldown reduced to 10 seconds from 12 seconds.

Veil of Frost

  • Nova of frost damage reduced to 30% from 50%.

Arctic Leap

  • Fixed an issue where Arctic Leap could hit the same target twice.
  • Damage reduced to 200% from 225%.



  • Crossbow bolts no longer deal less damage than a normal shot after using a Veil of Frost, Unholy, or Blood.

A Thousand Spears

  • Damage per hit reduced to 25% from 30% (200% total damage from 240%).


  • Cast time reduced to 0.7 seconds from 0.8 seconds.
  • Damage increased to 90% from 70%.


  • Incapacitate duration from intersecting hit reduced to 1 second from 2 seconds.
  • Damage per axe hit reduced to 80% from 85%.

Crushing Blow

  • Damage increased to 150% from 110%.


  • Cooldown reduced to 8 seconds from 9 seconds.


  • Damage per hit reduced to 30% from 35% (150% total from 175%).


  • Cast time increased to 0.7 seconds from 0.6 seconds.
  • Damage per teleport strike reduced to 20% from 25% (60% total from 75%).

Elusive Strike

  • Damage per hit increased to 70% from 60%.


  • Incapacitate duration reduced to 2.5 seconds from 3 seconds.

By Tekato Longkumer Updated: Jun 20, 2022 10:29:00 pm
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