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Monday, June 17, 2024

Using Social Media Cautiously

By The Editorial Team Updated: Jan 03, 2021 9:41 pm

Social media is an invention that has made a momentous impact on our daily lives. It has reduced geographical distances to naught and has brought people much closer. It has truly turned the universe into a tiny village. Now, getting medical advice from the world’s best physicians or getting any information from any part of the world, is not a problem. Through social media, people can express themselves more effectively and pointedly. All these features combined together have given unprecedented popularity to social media and it has reached almost every household on the planet.

But while enjoying the numerous benefits of social media, we should also be extremely cautious to prevent its misuse. Just as any other thing, social media too is two-faced. One of its sides provides enormous benefits to mankind, while the other can be ruthlessly destructive if it is misused. Social media can spread any important information throughout the globe in seconds. Similarly, it can also be used to spread rumors or hatred by unscrupulous elements to serve their vested interests. So, we should be careful while using social media. It should be used like the knife in the hands of a surgeon to save lives and not otherwise. It should be remembered that preventing the misuse of social media is not the job of the government alone. It is the duty of every social media user to remain vigilant so that no one can play mischief through social media.

It’s a pity that in India the misuse of social media is on the rise. Fake news, fake videos, etc. flood social media, every day. After a troublesome 2020, many thought that the beginning of the New Year 2021 would be different. But a cruel social media post buried all hopes to make a new beginning. The post in question was circulated to malign Arvind Kejriwal and at the same time aimed to create communal tensions in the national capital. Similarly, a few days ago another post claimed that an election-bound opposition ruled state had reported the most number of rapes in the country. On enquiry, both posts turned out to be fake. Plenty of such fake posts are being seen more than ever in social media in recent times. More worrying is the fact that notwithstanding strong actions by regulatory bodies, this menace is continuing unabated.

Even a boon can turn into a curse if not used properly. Various scientific inventions stand as a testimony to this fact. For example, nuclear power had been used to produce atomic bombs. Over dependence on fossil fuels is the main reason behind global warming. Often there are talks to prevent the misuse of such inventions. But such thoughts have never been translated in action. Thus, our lovely planet has virtually turned into a death trap for its inhabitants. Social media is yet another addition to it. The year 2020, has shown us in no uncertain terms that if we do not mend our ways, our planet can meet its doom much earlier than expected, in which social media can play the role of a catalyst.

By The Editorial Team Updated: Jan 03, 2021 9:41:25 pm
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