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USC celebrates golden jubilee

By Imrongkumba Aier Updated: Dec 21, 2021 11:24 pm
T Chubayanger addressing the USC golden jubilee celebration in Ungma village on Tuesday.

Our Correspondent
Ungma, Dec. 21 (EMN):
The United Soyim Club (USC) celebrated its golden jubilee at USC Badminton Court in Ungma village on December 21 on the theme “Alakteta Tongtetang (Nonpareil competence).”

Speaking at the occasion, T Chubayanger, project officer from the Labour Commissioner office, Kohima, and the theme speaker, stated that acquiring skills would enable one to perform their assigned task with ease; improve levels of competency and also provide the ability to impart knowledge to others. In this regard, he dwelled on the four types of incompetence and how to move successfully through those stages.

According to the speaker, unconscious incompetence strategies required personal analysis because self-analysis helps one to identify strengths and weaknesses to understand which strength they need to learn and improve upon. He added that for conscious incompetence strategies, one need to meet with a person or group of persons, who could teach the skill, training and knowledge plus combat negative thinking to improve confidence and refocus energy.

On conscious competence strategies, he stated that one is competent in a task or ability- the key to moving beyond this stage is deliberate practice, ideally with someone who has mastered the skill and can provide guidance, while on unconscious competence strategies, he stated that one has mastered the skills but become unconscious in their technique.

“The practice of learning will never end so it’s important to constantly refine your skills,” he asserted.

Urging the USC members to self-analysis on which type of incompetence they falls in and improve their weakness, the speaker challenged them to enhance themselves with cognitive skill and non-cognitive/ soft skills if they want to achieve their jubilee theme.

By Imrongkumba Aier Updated: Dec 21, 2021 11:24:11 pm