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UPSC successful candidates from central Nagaland felicitated

By Livine Khrozhoh Updated: Jun 24, 2023 11:07 pm

A total of four candidates from Nagaland cleared the civil services examination 2022 this year.

UPSC successful candidates from central Nagaland felicitated
Three UPSC successful candidates with Y Mhonbemo Humstoe during the felicitation programme at Don Bosco in Dimapur, on Saturday. (EM Images)

DIMAPUR — Civil services examination does not just test a person’s ability to study and work hard but also the mentality of a person such as perseverance and mental fortitude to keep on going, said Yimkum I Ozüküm, who secured the All India Ranking (AIR) of 203 in the prestigious exam conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), the results of which were declared last month.

He was speaking during the felicitation programme of three UPSC successful candidates from central Nagaland, including Imkongnükla Ao (AIR 723) and W Aotula Ozüküm (AIR 874), organised by Central Nagaland Women and Students’ Association (CNWA and CNSA) at DBIDL (Don Bosco), Dimapur, on Saturday.

A total of four candidates from Nagaland, including Vevotolu Kezo (AIR 387) from Phek district cleared the civil services examination 2022 this year.

Sharing about his UPSC journey, Yimkum, who cracked the exam in his third attempt, said he reached a very low point after failing in his second attempt but withstood it with the support and encouragement from his family, friends, seniors and well-wishers.

He said that young minds aspiring to write the civil services exam should plan their journey early and sacrifice a lot, including less fun time with friends or hanging out and spending more time at home in studies, as well as obey their parents and elders.

Everyone is capable of clearing the exam but due to high level of competitiveness, luck factor also counts as there is no definite syllabus, he said.

In order to achieve something, one needs to work hard and invest 100% in what they do, he said while suggesting youths to seek the advice of teachers and mentors during decision-making as they lack experience.

‘Believe in your dream’

Imkongnükla said that she spent her childhood in village and did her studies in Nagaland as her family couldn’t afford to send her outside the state for higher studies. I had no choice but to work hard, she added.

However, he said success “does not depend on where you come from but it always matters that if you have determination and if you believe in your dream, the entire world will inspire you to achieve that dream”.

Citing how this year’s successful candidates had to make several attempts to finally crack the exam, she said it is not always easy to succeed.

‘In anything we do, we may not succeed initially, and we may face setbacks and society may not believe us but we have to believe in ourselves, and if we have patience, perseverance and consistency, we will all achieve the goal,’ she said.

She also stressed on the need for God-fearing young men and women, saying that success is temporary.

“We have to be the voice for the voiceless and use the platform of success to bring a positive change in the society,” she said.

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‘Learn to run your race’

Aotula, who cleared the exam in her seventh attempt, said that her journey was like a marathon- very long, tiring and challenging.

Sharing about her experience, she said there were good and bad days- on good days, she felt inspired and motivated to study for up to 10 hours, while on bad days, she had to pull herself out of bed, as things seemed repetitive.

She had no specific formula to turn around the bad days but learnt that “you simply have to set your heart to do what is right, faithfully do your work even if you do not feel anything in your heart”.

Sharing that she drew motivation and inspiration from her hobbies like reading and writing journals during difficult moments, she said ‘it is very important to have a rich inner life because it can affect our outer life as well’.

“In whatever path we choose and whichever way we are running, always remember our goal and we have to learn to run our race with strength and understanding, knowledge and endurance,” she added.

MLA Y Mhonbemo Humstoe, the chief guest of the event, congratulated the successful candidates for bringing laurels to the state.

Determination, hard work and consistency are the main criteria for success, he said, adding that those who run the extra mile, slog and perspire more than others, like the three candidates, succeed in life.

During the programme, congratulatory message was delivered by Kohnda Ngullie, president of CNTC, and words of encouragement by K Kalito Chishi, Principal of Zunheboto Government College.

By Livine Khrozhoh Updated: Jun 24, 2023 11:07:10 pm
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