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Uphold culture to preserve our identity, says Dr. Imtiwapang

By EMN Updated: May 03, 2014 12:54 am

Dimapur Asangma Senso Telongjem’ celebrates Moatsü festival

Staff Reporter/ DIPR

STATING that modern Naga society is slowly losing our identity due to invasion of western culture, MLA Dr. Imtiwapang Aier has made a fervent call to uphold culture in order to preserve our identity.
“If we are to preserve our identity, we need to uphold our culture,” said MLA Imtiwapang Aier in his address during the celebration of Moatsu festival at Sungratsu village on May 2.Dr. Imtiwapang Aier, the chief guest of the celebration, maintained that modern Naga society is slowly losing our identity as a consequence of invasion by western culture. He said there is a large gap in Naga society in the transition from traditional life style to modernization. He, therefore, said the vacuum that is left between the two civilizations must be filled up by the present generation if we are to free ourselves from the crisis that hampers the growth of our society today.
Dr. Aier pointed out that preserving our rich culture does not mean we are shunning modernization or religion. He said in order to uphold and preserve our identity, one must let culture, modernization and religion go hand in hand. In this context, he urged upon the youth people to retrospect and find a solution to make our society and community a better place to live in.
The celebration was marked by cultural songs and dances presented by the Rejusanger Cultural Club, Yisemyong Yimden, Sungchilep Zunga, Kobolong Kaketshir Telongjem, Sungratsu Kaket Rejusanger Telongjem and Watsu Telen, Sungratsu.
Significance of Moatsu and greetings were delivered by Takachiba, Tatar, and President Asetkong Mungdang Aowati, while the invocation was said by Rev. T Mapu Walling, pastor, and the vote of thanks was proposed by Imo Longchar, Chairman of Village Council Sungratsu.
Meanwhile, Dimapur Asangma Senso Telongjem has celebrated the Ao premier festival ‘Moatsü’ at Senden Reju, Purana Bazar, Dimapur, with K Temjen Jamir, Editor Tir YimYim, as a special guest.
Moatsü, a post harvest festival, is celebrated in the first week of May every year which is marked with merry making and entertainment. Moatsü festival is marked by playful songs and dances between men and women which lasted for three consecutive days from May 1 to 3.
Addressing the gathering, K Temjen Jamir, said a man with power but without moral authority will not change the society but lead to corruption and hatred among each other. To be respected in society, Temjen has emphasised on ‘hard work and sacrifices’ adding that it should be the sole aim of every individual for a better tomorrow. He has encouraged the gathering to a live sacrificial life in order to pave way for future generations to grow in truth and better society.
Also addressing the gathering, president of Ao Senso Telongjem, Dimapur, Supu Jamir, said the terminology ‘I, Myself, Me’ is killing today’s society where everybody sought gratification for the little contributions by maintaining indifferent attitude on the needs of others and the society. He brought to light the weakness that lingers in our society where everybody hates ‘lies’ but tries to find solace through unfair ways.
He has encouraged everyone to mend the broken traditions and practices of celebrating ‘Moatsü’.
Also speaking on the occasion, OSD M Wati Jamir, said ‘Moatsü’ does not only involve celebrations with proper cultural attire with fun and enjoyment but also involves on how every individual lives in the society and serve the people positively for a common cause. He has advised the gathering to keep the rich culture and traditions alive for the generations to come and help the society lighten the world’s burden of corruption.
Besides presentation of various cultural item by various groups, performance by renowned State comedian Purnuken, who called himself “Born Again,’ has added colours to the celebrations.

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