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Unpaid RMSA teachers give 7-day deadline

By EMN Updated: Oct 08, 2017 11:13 pm

Dimapur, Oct. 8 (EMN): A group by the name of NRMSATA-16 has served the state government a 7-day ultimatum for the latter to clear all pending salaries.
“Upon exhaustion of all congenial avenues to secure the rightly deserved salary of the RMSA teachers, the NRMSATA-16 in utter frustration at the overseers of their never ending justifications is compelled to serve a 7-day ultimatum to the RMSA department,” according to a press statement from the group on Sunday.
“As is often advised in our visits, we have religiously followed the procedures though lengthy through verbal apprising and interactions through representation to bring about an amicable solution. However all their advices lay bare as no progress has come about even a month after the receipt of the 1st instalment by the state’s exchequer.
“Taking one or the other reason in justifying, they have befooled the hardworking teachers denying them of what is rightfully their hard earned income. The present scenario goes beyond ethical understanding where otherwise the teachers might have comprehended the unforeseen obstacles which might have resulted in temporal delay. However the ever churned reasons only points that we are misled and the lengthy procedures used as a tool of advantage to delay the disbursal,” it further read.
The group questioned whether “an office of indispensability in the society” could afford to have its officer not ‘tending’ to the tasks thus appointed. “It has become a nightmare for the teachers as there seem to be a universal detention of file at every department.
“Thus having run short of all the available alternatives, the NRMSATA-16 serves this ultimatum to the RMSA dept. the effect of which will begin from the day of its publication till the 7th working day to clear all the pending salaries failing which the department will be held solely responsible for any untoward consequences.”

By EMN Updated: Oct 08, 2017 11:13:11 pm