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Unity note marks conclusion of Morung Fest

By EMN Updated: Nov 05, 2013 11:40 pm

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THE confluence of diverse Naga tribes for a two day food contest under a broad platform of ‘The Morung Fest’ at Agric Expo site concluded this evening on a positive note with an unanimous resolve to foster unity and harmony in the Naga society, while by popular decision consisting marking from the judges and public voting, the prize for best food was conferred to the Tangkhul tribe. Addressing the grand finale session of the two day event, co-host and chairman of Development Authority of Nagaland (DAN), Jacob Zhimomi said the theme of the festival in showcasing the vibrance of the Nagas has been aptly rational. Commenting on the success of the event, he remarked that ‘visitors did not have a moment of regret.’On the occasion, he made an ardent appeal to the younger Nagas to resolve the complexities existing within the society through cultural exchange programme such as the Morung Fest.

While encouraging the younger generation to promote cultural treasures of the Nagas, Jacob Zhimomi has also reminded them to remember to be connected with the roots. “We must value our culture for others to respect us,” Jacob said. Even as similar events may be planned in near future, Jacob Zhimomi said our endeavour should be targeted at unity which should stem from the hearts. He said real unity will come to prevail in the Naga society only when we learn to accept apology and forgiveness. Jacob Zhimomi also gave away prizes to the winners. President of the Naga Students’ Federation (NSF), Tongpang Ozukum, in his solidarity message, has appealed to the youth to be an agent to bring about positive change by breaking down barriers of tribalism prevailing in the Naga society. He said present Naga society is in disorder where we have become selfish and self-centred without having consideration for welfare of other people.

Under these circumstances, he said young Nagas have a key role to play to uplift the society, adding this can be accomplished only when the young people realize their responsibility and come together as one. Sounding note of caution, Tongpang Ozukum said Naga society will slowly and surely be submerged in this cruel onslaught of modernity if the young Nagas fail to uphold their responsibility. While acknowledging tremendous changes taking place in the Naga society, Tongpang said Nagas have left behind some important cultural and traditional values of our forefathers. He has specifically pointed to the vanishing work culture among young people and have develop tendency to look down upon people who labours.

He was, however, confident that Nagas can bring about tremendous change in the society with the positive change of mindset among the young people. Meanwhile, in the indigenous food contest, Tangkhul tribe was declared winner while Sumi and Sangtam tribes were declared second and third winners respectively. All the winners were awarded certificate along with cash of Rs 25,000, Rs 15,000 and Rs 10,000 respectively. Tangkhul tribe will be allotted stall in the ensuing Hornbill Festival. In the choral contest, Servanthood Bible College was declared winner while the Withee Bible College was declared second winner. They were awarded certificate and cash of Rs 15,000 and Rs 10,000 respectively. Other consolation winners are Chakhesang Students’ Union, Discipleship Bible College and Tangkhul Baptist Church, Diphupar.

By EMN Updated: Nov 05, 2013 11:40:15 pm