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United Horn Bill attack 2013

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Ambrose J Chakre

[dropcap]F[/dropcap]OR the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. Romans 6:23
Every renewed attack against sin is always desirable for those who are against it. This sting may not as pleasurable as the sins of the sinners but it will certainly become a thorn to those sinners who are horned by the horns of the horn bill. The horn bill is protected under the wildlife protection act and it is indeed ridiculous to see that the lovers of it are as numerous as the sinners around the globe. This unholy festival is what unholiness is to God. The evils of it has introduced new sins to the innocent children of our generation. It will be sad to see what the children of these sinners becomes in the future. The cars of sin they drive and the number of girls they flirt with will invite more death and miseries in this life and even in the next death if they go there.
The Government of Sin has instituted numerous departments of sin to push the present sinners deeper into sin with an aim to promote the taste of evil in the tongues of sinners who are on the verge of extinction. It may not be rewritten of what had been written in the past (Festival of Sins/ Horned by the Horn Bill) but trust me the purpose is still the same and the mission has not changed. The truth is that new and sophisticated weapons can always be used to eliminate old enemies. The powers of these words has convicted and will convict every sinner whose eyes are fixed on the author of truth. A little truth I want to highlight in this review of condemnation is that this festival of sin is aimed at reviving the old sins of the past and at resurrecting the detestable demons of cultures and traditions. The depiction of evil are evidenced in the traditional attires of different tribal customs. The designs of these evil customs depicts the signs of murder, immorality and adultery. The old stories we heard of what our ancestors were in the past are often narrated with the intention to depict them as saints.
The sinners of the old were praised for their honesty but there is no definite proof of their faithfulness in their marital commitments. Sin was his wife and unholiness was her husband. The harsh truth which needs to be revealed is that our ancestors were sinners, killers, prostitutes, adulterers, thieves, murderers and idolaters. It is only by the revelation of this truth that we become conscious of what they were and of what we are. A startling revelation I make is that even as the righteous prays for holy revival, the wicked also prays for evil revival. There are no scriptural passages in the Bible which supports Horn Bill and neither will there ever be. This justified statement may awaken the demons of self-righteousness to instill bitterness in the hearts of the sinners who are pierced by the thorn of thorns. There is always an evil involved in every evil act and we declare in the truth that the spirit of Horn Bill has made its throne in the hearts of numerous officers of sin. It is also to be noted that this festival of sin is the only cultural festival which is internationally recognized and spiritually condemned. The act of this multi-sin event has sent many of our sons and daughters to the grave without the truth in them. The memories of the last kiss and the last accident will certainly torture sinners who dies in sin. The evils of this act is that while sinners kisses each other, the pastor prays and while the dogs are skinned alive, the believers looks on in amusement. The prayers prayed at the evil conferences and the sermons preached at this unholy festival will not be spiritually accepted because of the curses which are in it. The ink sacrificed to write this are as precious as the moments you sacrificed to read this.
The lovers of God will join me in this and even as we wage this holy war against the spiritually censored festival it is our desire that the festival be extinct just as the bird is. Every believer who reads this and condemns this will suffer greater condemnation, harsher punishments and greater torment in the next death. The destruction of horn bill will soon come in a moment when we least expect it and the lovers of it may be beheaded just as the party goers were beheaded by the dreaded Taliban. The arts of cultures and traditions will last as long as sinners exist but the evil doers are to be warned that there will be no festivals in hell. This is just what the truth is and as lovers of Christ we should love one another. This seven day festival is a festival which has the seal of satan and the partakers of it will be guilty of waging a unholy war against a holy organization which is of the truth. The death of horn bill is what I pray for and I pledge to renew the attack against it as long as I am inspired to. The sinner who goes to hell will remember this; and neither will they forget me. These truths are only intended at making a mockery of the enemies of Christ. The cults and atheist may hate me and if there be anyone among us I dare them to reveal themselves. The words uttered against me will result in their own death. We love sinners but not their sins and we care for their souls more than their bodies. The Church of Christ will stand strong and neither will we give our eyes any rest till we see our enemies in hell. The truth will prevail and everyone who stands by it till the end will inherit the promises of the Word. This is just a thorn for Horn Bill and the lovers of it will smile not when they read this. The way to heaven is narrow and wide is the way to Horn Bill. Go not where sinners go; do not what sinners do. The temptation may be as strong as the desire to sin. Temptation is not a sin but it becomes one when we act on it. Think of this and hate Horn Bill. This is the righteous way of the truth. God hates Horn Bill.
N:B: The view expressed in this holy revelation are linked to the holy desires of the author of truth. Every truths expressed here will play a greater role in convicting the sinners of their sins and in creating an atmosphere of trust, faithfulness and passion in the Church of Christ. The term ‘sinners’ and ‘enemies’ are not referred to sinners but to the spirits which are of filth and of death. Every unholy spirit is destined to go to hell and so will the sinners who kisses and connects their sins with them. The desire for the truth will increase with every inspiring message and the passion for holiness will increase with more inspiring messages on holiness. This is just an inspiration for the future. God loves the Church of Christ.
The writer is the founder President of Ambrose Foundation in Christ Ministries Kohima

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