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Unionism the downfall of Nagaland – Imna Along

By EMN Updated: Sep 21, 2019 11:40 pm

Eastern Mirror Desk

Dimapur, Sep. 21: Minister of Technical and Higher Education, and Tribal affairs, Temjen Imna Along on Saturday said that Naga society has started thinking that only by forming groups and union, one can fight for their rights.

He was speaking at the 27th annual freshers’ meet of City College of Arts and Commerce, Dimapur.

“We might find associations after associations, but unionism is the downfall of Nagaland,” said Along, adding that the society has cultivated the habit of blaming others for everything.

Recalling that he was also a student of the same college, Along reminded the students that even though one looks back at the good times, the present shouldn’t be forgotten where one can chart their own destiny. “Any institution is the cradle where our future is moulded,” maintained Along.

The minister further encouraged the students to pursue their goals without allowing insecurities to cause hurdle. “I feel you in me because of what I have also gone through and if you are driven by your goal, vision, and needs, the whole world including God will help you achieve your dreams,” he shared.

On the topic of technology and its effects on today’s generation, the minister urged the students to keep distance from criticising and fighting on social media platforms. “We want to make Nagaland strong but we cannot do that by being social media heroes; it is so easy to finish off somebody,” said Along and pointed out that the real heroes of Nagaland are the ones who work hard day and night.

In the context of Nagas having a unique heritage, Along stressed and encouraged the youth to preserve and be proud of the heritage, be it with Nagas or non-Nagas. “We have to be conscious of our culture and the indigenous ethos needs to be preserved,” said Along.

“Everyone wants to show that they are Naga but what is there to be so proud of when we cannot even accept each other; just by saying we are Naga there is no mysticism,” maintained Along.

In conclusion, Along urged the students to follow their dreams by working hard while respecting not just their own tribe and community but also the culture of the rest of the country.

By EMN Updated: Sep 21, 2019 11:40:33 pm