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Uneasy calm amongst Karbi &Rengma Nagas

By EMN Updated: Dec 20, 2013 11:52 pm

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THE ghost of communal divide has reportedly revisited the peace loving Karbis and Rengma Naga communities in Phangcherop area in Karbi Anglong district, Assam, following intrusion of unidentified masked militants which has fueled communal tension between the two communities. It was reported that a pastor from Rengma community and Karbis youth were assaulted by intruding militants in the past one week.Against the backdrop of the incident, Karbi social organizations have appealed to the Nagaland counterpart for calm to avoid misunderstanding as they suspected involvement of Assam government agencies at work for the present turmoil. It was learned that four Karbi youth were assaulted by armed mask militants in Khirang Rengma village on December 15 while a pastor from Rengma community was also manhandled by the ‘so-called’ militants on December 20.
Interacting with media persons this afternoon at Hotel De Oriental Dream, Chief Advisor of Joint Action Committee for Autonomous State (JACAS) JI Kathar; vice president of Karbi Students’ Association (KSA) Bijoy Bey, and general secretary of Karbi Anglong Indigenous Youth Association (KAIYA) Roshan Teron said they felt it essential to inform the Naga counterpart to avoid misunderstanding and create further division.
The team also made several serious allegations. They strongly felt the involvement of Assam government’s agencies in the name of militants in the present case by considering the facts gathered from sources that the ‘so-called’ militants spoke fluent Assamese as well as Nagamese.
“Agent provocateurs are active in Karbi Anglong to kill the people,” the team alleged. To bolster the claim, the team said those agencies have been colluding with other hill tribes to wage hatred and kill the other tribe.
The suspect for involvement of government’s agencies was confirmed from the fact that the ‘so-called’ stayed in Khirang village for two consecutive days without any intervention from the police. It alleged that police had even refused to file an FIR about the incident.
Tension sparked on December 14 when three youth from Longki Teron village were assaulted by armed masked militants at Khirang Rengma village in Sarahuti area of Karbi Anglong, Assam. It was also learned that armed militants raided Longki Teron village in search of the youth who escaped during the assault. The militants also fired more than 60 rounds into the air and resorted to verbal abuse to provoke the villagers.
Following the incident, some youth from Longki Teron village visited Khirang village on December 15 to hand over letter for holding peace committee meeting wherein four more youth were assaulted by the masked militants. It said John Rongphar, Dipen Kiling, Longkiri Bey, Brojen Teron and Mukrang Bey were severely beaten, while John Rongphar has been evacuated to Guwahati in critical condition.
It said the militants had not heeded to the plea of the village GB Robert Rengma and public leaders to desist from perpetrating the act and release the four Karbi youth.
On receiving the information, social organizations from both communities held a peace meeting at Khirang village on December 17. The house has called for calm to avoid misunderstanding among the communities. The area is stated to be under tension even at the time when the team visited Nagaland to meet the pressmen.

By EMN Updated: Dec 20, 2013 11:52:30 pm