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UGs flayed for illegal activities

By EMN Updated: Nov 30, 2013 10:29 pm

Dimapur, November 30

Illegal activities such as extortion and kidnapping committed by underground cadres continue to be reported in the state. In another instance, one NNC (“non-accordist”) activist is said to have extorted from a scrap metal dealer, beaten and kidnapped while another civilian was assaulted in the process. When the scrap metal dealer could not pay, the NNC activist is said to have kidnapped the man and his brother. The NNC cadre is identified by Chekiye Village Council as ne self-styled “highway commander”, one Atoi.
Angry village authorities of Chekiye informed today that the incident happened on November 28 at around 8 PM. The village warned the authorities of an own course of action if the lawbreakers are not apprehended.
“On the 28th November at 8 pm a self styled-highway commander so-called Atoi NNC (Non Accordist) demanded Rs. 500 from Mr. Miraze the owner of luha-tina dealer. When the shop owner refused to meet their demand, he was beaten up and was kidnapped along with his younger brother,” Chekiye Village Council said in a press release received here today.
“Later, the house owner, one Henizhe Awomi enquired and tried to pacify the situation, during which Mr. Atoi called up his henchmen who came in Scorpio nearing (Reg. No. NL 07 4052) and an unregistered Maruti Car and assaulted the owner of the house. Out of the five extortionists, three are still absconding,” the village leaders said.
The village council has demanded that the law enforcement agencies “immediately apprehended and book the prowling absconders failing which the CVC and GBs shall take its own course of action according to its customary laws.”

Yimchunger students vet NSCN (K)

The Yimchunger Akheru Arihako (YAA) the apex Student’s organisation of the Yimchunger tribe has vehemently condemned what they called the ‘life attempt and intimation’ against to Rhakila Lakiumong, former NPF candidate and former chairman of NSSWB Nagaland, by cadres of the armed group NSCN (K) on November 22 in Halipong village ‘without any rhyme and reason.’ “The YAA is shock to learn the incident meted out to our reputed leader by the Naga freedom fighters which are tantamount to life assassination cannot be tolerated when every Nagas is yearning for peace and unity. Such unscrupulous act of our National workers should be highly condemned by every right thinking citizens for not even spearing the innocent mother,” the students’ organization stated in a press release received here today. The students have questioned the authorities of the NSCN (K) “about the motive behind the incident” and has urged them to hand the erring cadres to the law enforcing agencies at the earliest.

By EMN Updated: Nov 30, 2013 10:29:25 pm