UGC To Introduce New Courses On Indian Systems Of Knowledge
Sunday, April 14, 2024

UGC to introduce new courses on Indian systems of knowledge

By EMN Updated: Apr 16, 2023 3:11 pm
Ministry of Education

In accordance with the education ministry’s efforts to promote Indian systems of knowledge, a range of new undergraduate and postgraduate courses will be introduced starting from the academic session of 2023-24.

This initiative is being carried out under the provisions of the New Education Policy and the University Grants Commission (UGC) has already prepared a draft for the courses.

The new courses will encompass a diverse range of subjects, including Indian language science, Indian vastu shastra, Indian logic science, metallurgy science, sculpture science, algebra, Indian musical instruments and pre-British era period water management.

These courses will be offered as the foundation and optional courses and will also cover topics such as six Vedangas, Indian civilisation and culture, Indian mathematics, astrology, Indian health sciences and Indian agriculture. Moreover, higher education institutes all over the country will also provide courses on idol worship, astrological instruments, Vedanga philosophy, health philosophy, agriculture and more.

The UGC has sent the draft of these courses based on Indian systems of knowledge to universities and higher educational institutes in different states across the country. Additionally, states and educational institutions have been asked to provide suggestions on the subject until April 30, as per the UGC.

According to the Chairman of UGC, M Jagadesh Kumar, admissions to higher educational institutes will be conducted through a four-year undergraduate program. Students enrolling in universities will be awarded a minimum of five per cent credit score from courses based on Indian systems of knowledge.

Efforts have also been initiated to introduce Vedic Mathematics in higher educational institutes and ongoing endeavours are being made in this direction.

To promote cultural development, the UGC has communicated with all IIT institutions, chancellors of universities and principals of colleges through a letter outlining the steps taken in this regard.

(Written by Eastern Mirror with inputs from IANS)

By EMN Updated: Apr 16, 2023 3:11:53 pm
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