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UBCANEI gets new office in Dimapur

By Temshinaro Updated: Sep 24, 2021 10:28 pm
Howoto Jakhalu inaugurates the UBCANEI office in the presence of Rev. Dr. Hevuto Awomi and Lovito Zhimo in Dimapur on Friday.

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Dimapur, Sep. 24 (EMN): After years of planning, the United Baptist Churches Association North East India (UBCANEI) finally dedicated a proper office at Y Zhimo Colony in Dimapur on September 24.

With its headquarters in Dimapur, UBCANEI has churches in various parts of Nagaland that uses Nagamese, English and Hindi as the common mode of communication. With the land offered by the GB of Y Zhimo Colony, Lovito Zhimo, UBCANEI finally constructed a permanent office for the whole of Nagaland. 

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Citing UBCANEI as a ‘unique church,’ managing director of Multi Builders Pvt Ltd, Howoto Jakhalu, said that Nagaland has thousands of churches belonging to various tribes but the churches under UBCANEI are the most unique of all as all tribes from all parts of the country come together as one.

He added that the activities taken up to reach out to people under UBCANEI were satisfying.

Also speaking at the programme, GB of Y Zhimo Colony said that one should not look down on any church as all churches are same. He said multilingual churches like UBCANEI are doing exceptionally well or rather a little more than many other churches.  The office was dedicated by UBCANEI executive secretary, Rev. Dr. Hevuto Awomi.

Covid-19: A blessing in disguise

Howoto Jakhalu, who spoke for not more than 15 minutes as chief guest, has much to share what Covid-19 pandemic has taught many.

He said Covid-19 pandemic has shaken the whole world with an uncertain future but at the same time it also brought the people together and closer towards God. Jakhalu said the pandemic has also taught everyone the importance of one’s health.

He credited the Nagaland government for upgrading health infrastructures across the state.

While expressing how blessed Nagaland is with naturally fertile land and water, Jakhalu said the pandemic has somehow revived the work culture of Naga forefathers.

Taking Covid-19 pandemic as an eye opener, Jakhalu said people are slowly taking up dignity of labour seriously while also taking up the healthy way of living. Jakhalu said the pandemic has taught all that one could survive without shopping malls, restaurants, gatherings and various worldly activaties.  

He said one should stop complaining about wearing masks but should make it a habit as wearing masks not only protects one from the virus but also from various kinds of pollutions.

On Covid-19 vaccine, Jakhalu said with vaccination many have become bold and are carefree but cautioned the gathering by saying one should not be laid back and should not go to old ways of making easy money but work hard and inculcate what Naga forefathers have once practiced.

By Temshinaro Updated: Sep 24, 2021 10:28:43 pm
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