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UBC Sanctuary Choir presents Anniversary Concert

By EMN Updated: Oct 13, 2014 12:50 am


The Sanctuary Choir of the Union Baptist Church (UBC), Kohima presented an Anniversary Concert in commemoration of its 25 years of choral ministry Sunday evening at UBC, Kohima.
The Sanctuary Choir was founded in 1989 by Dr. Vivee Peseye, taking the choir and the church music to a refined and disciplined entity and passing the legacy on to the present members of the choir.
At the Anniversary Concert, the choir, comprising of over a hundred members from 1989-2014 delivered a powerhouse performance on a repertoire of an array of popular songs the choir has sung over the years including ‘Alleluia’, ‘Every Time I Feel the Spirit’, ‘Beautiful Saviour’, ‘I will Call upon the Lord’, ‘The Battle of Jericho’ etc.
Besides its ministry in the UBC, the choir has also ministered in other churches, conferences and conventions and spread its wings to different parts of state and outside. Sanctuary Choir has catered its music ministry by conducting music classes at Yangli, Pokhungri, Akhegwo, Wazeho, Dungki, Ngwalwa and Mon as well as to the Sangtam, Chang, Phom and Nepali Baptist Churches and Assembly of God Church in Kohima. The choir has represented the Nagaland Baptist Church Council at the Asian Baptist Congress at Singapore in 1992.
During the concert, Sanctuary Choir founder, Dr. Vivee Peseye gave a brief address and shared how the choir came into being. She also expressed happiness that the choir has grown into a central part of the church, delivering spiritual healing to the congregation through its music ministry.
Dr. Vivee is a musician and conductor who had acquired multiple degrees in music from different universities in the USA including Chicago, California and Texas, and currently works at the Patkai Christian College, Chumukedima as the Head of Department/Dean of Music.
Dr. Vivee, Dr. Atsi Dolie, Akho Savino, Sahu Peseye and Pelesano Meru were the choir conductors at the concert.
Meanwhile, the choir has acknowledged R Kevichusa, Seno Vihienuo, Neilakuoii Peseye and Dr. Vivee Peseye for laying a strong musical foundation which has not only impacted generations but has kept the church music alive and vibrant.

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