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UBA youth turn true environmental stewards

By Our Correspondent Updated: Jun 05, 2016 11:40 pm

UNGMA, JUNE 5: Apart from faith and devoting oneself to God, the Ungma Baptist Church (UBA) Youth ministry has been imparting the values of creation (Mother Nature) as part of the ministry.
More than 1500 strong members of UBA Youth ministry have been embarking on a mission by observing “Environment Week,” from June 1-5 to protect God creation and to spread awareness on environmental issues. The Youth Ministry of UBA has organized numbers of activities on the theme “Creative God.”
Youth Director of UBA, Imkummeren Jamir, expressed that the creator has bestow stewardship to men to look over his marvellous creation and therefore it is our responsibility to protect our environment.
He also said on day one (June 1), the ministry organized a sticker campaign in the village and National Highway 61 and pasted stickers on passing vehicles while on day two (June 02), a mass cleanliness drive was executed in the village which registered a good response from the people.
The youth Director also added that Graffiti Day was held on day three (June 03) where the members painted arts related to environment on the walls to lets people know more about environment.
The members of the ministry conducted Plantation Day on day four (June 4) and planted saplings around the village. The fifth day (June 5) marked the culmination programme “Creative God” held at UBA Church, Imkummeren said.
On the culmination programme, youth were taught on self reliance, plant nutrients and how to make something out of waste.
Yimkummeren asserted that during their ventured in the past few days, people were amazed and could created more awareness especially among the young generation by bring them closer to God and to shoulder responsibility of stewardship.
“Our Ministry does not think this as an activity but rather as part of our ministry, someone should initiate locally to make globally,” he added.

By Our Correspondent Updated: Jun 05, 2016 11:40:13 pm