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Two-day Tribal Vaganza underway in Dimapur

By Mirror Desk Updated: Sep 13, 2019 11:12 pm
Chakhesang Zuve Cultural Club seen performing the Chicken Dance during the ongoing Tribal Vaganza held at Old Showuba in Dimapur on Sep. 13.

The two-day Tribal Vaganza organised by Abiogenesis Society and sponsored by North East Council (NEC) commenced on Sep. 13 at Old Showuba in Dimapur.

The festival kick-started with indigenous games like open oiled bamboo pole climbing competition and bamboo stilt race followed by the premiere of the film “Enter My World” evolved, written and directed by Arenla Supong. The film was unveiled by Minister for Higher and Technical Education and Tribal Affairs, Temjem Imna Along.

Speaking at the unveiling ceremony of the film, Along lauded the efforts of Moa Supong and Arenla Supong while asserting that the society needs people like them – social engineers and entrepreneurs.

He added that the society needs people who ventures beyond social hypocrisy and break the traditional way of life while accepting all criticisms and negativity without fear and doubt.

Citing that, “Change cannot come by day dreaming,” the minister said that change can only come when people take responsibility to be the change within. He lamented that the Naga society have become a land of unionism, that hindrance the progress of the society and urged the gathering to be hardworking, persistent, consistent and determined for a resurgent Naga society who can take forward the society to greater height. Along also called upon for a vibrant and golden Nagaland stating the example of the “Howey” musical instrument which was invented by the couple that has reached them to the international fete.

He also urged the youngsters to convert their anger and frustration by restraining from social media platform and to collectively build a greater Nagaland.

The director of the film expressed gratitude to the minister for enlightening the program while citing that her film “Enter My World” is a Howey musical film with a hope-era fiction.

The Chakhesang Zuve Cultural Club performed the Chicken Dance and Ato Yim enthralled the crowd with his original pieces.

‘Enter My World’ was screened in the presence of friends, family members and others at Bethel School Compound in Old Showuba.

(Eastern Mirror Desk)

By Mirror Desk Updated: Sep 13, 2019 11:12:55 pm