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Turner wants Rainbow blaze of glory

By EMN Updated: Nov 17, 2014 9:02 pm

Rated X frontman Joe Lynn Turner would love a Rainbow reunion – to allow the band to go out in a “blaze of glory.”
Singer Turner has his hands full with supergroup Rated X, but he feels Rainbow still has a lot to offer fans and says he would be open to a reunion.
Turner still performs Rainbow songs live, as do fellow former Rainbow singers Graham Bonnet and Doogie White. Bonnet replaced Ronnie James Dio in the band in 1979.
Turner – who also fronted Deep Purple for a spell – tells Metal Forces: “In my opinion, for Rainbow it would be one last shot and then going out in a blaze of glory so to speak. I think the fans deserve it, and to honour all of the members of Rainbow, past and present.
“I always feel that in my sets, I play Rainbow, Purple, and things like that because no-one else is doing it. I play Ronnie’s songs and all that stuff, Graham’s, whatever – I have no compunction about doing that material.
“I think it’s all a part of the legacy, and that we should do it willingly as singers of the same band. I know Graham’s still out there doing it as well, and Doogie in his own way. It’s a big family.”
Rated X release their self-titled debut this week. Turner adds: “The album is out, and everyone will finally know how we sound. I think they’ll be clamouring for us to play live, so it’s just a waiting game.
“That’s what we’re working on, is trying to get shows. I think it’ll catch fire – I’m hoping so, anyway – and then the promoters will gladly put us on for festivals. These dates are usually booked six months in advance. It’s a struggle, but we are coming out – we do have some festivals. We do have some dates, and agents are working on this right now. Fingers crossed.”
Turner is joined in Rated X by bassist Tony Franklin, drummer Carmine Appice and guitarist Karl Cochran – although Cochrane suffered a stroke during the album’s recording and Nikolo Kotzev had to complete the sessions. It is not clear who will play guitar on any upcoming live shows. Turner is positive about Cochran’s recovery. He says: “He had the stroke on the left side of the brain, and that affects paralysis on the right side of the body. It also affects cognitive speech, so his speech is not so good. With the right side of his body, he’s no longer using a cane to walk.
“He’s limping, but he’s walking. He can lift his right arm up to his shoulder, and with his right hand he can kind of spread the fingers. That’s remarkable, because most patients only have a six-month window to make progress, and he’s been making progress right along.”

By EMN Updated: Nov 17, 2014 9:02:19 pm