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Tuensang imbroglio: Slug fest continues

By EMN Updated: Jan 24, 2015 12:08 am

Dimapur, January 23

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he Yimchungrü Akherü Arihako (YAA), the students’ frontal of the Yimchunger, has asked the administrative mechanism and law enforcements to intervene and diffuse the situation in Tuensang following tensions between two communities in the district. The YAA issued a statement on Friday refuting as well as offering clarifications.
The association referred to what it called the “confusion pertaining to the incident at Longtsonger village.”
The statement stated that on January 22, the students’ organization visited Longtsonger village and conducted consultative meetings with the village council and Longtsonger Village Students’ Union. During the meeting, YAA ascertained “historical facts and the background of the village,” the organization stated.“The two local bodies viz. village council and LVSU disclosed that the village was established in 1948 and LVSU in 1971. It was also noted that the Longtsonger village was donated by Zhimkiur and Zanger village wherein, both the villages fails under the jurisdiction of Yimchungrü,” the YAA asserted.
Referring to the statements made by the Tikhir Students’ Union that the 18th general conference was held in Longtsonger village in 1999, YAA claimed that the conference was held “in a force way under the patronage of Tikhir outfits- Limitsong.”
“Mention may be made that the Tikhirs willfully held its conference despite of repeated pleas and opposition by the Longtsongers. The Tikhirs in lieu of holding its conference, even assured to bear all expenses and threaten the Longtsonger villagers to host the conference lest they face dire consequences,” the Yimchunger organization stated. “Having left no option, the Longtsonger reluctantly accommodated. Hence, the claim of holding conference by TSU is baseless and unjustifiable.”
Further, the YAA said it was “amused” to read the press statement of the Tikhir organizations claiming that “Mark Mürekiu was attempted to murder by Miss Tiala as it totally contradict and deny the real incident.”
The YAA “wonder how a school girl at such midnight could go out with dao (machete) to murder Mark Mürekiu when he was heavily escort by sophisticated armed personnel? When YAA queried, it was learnt that there were no enmity between them and therefore, YAA ask TSU to substantiate their stand instead of giving false and invented stories.”
Expressing ‘concern’ at the ‘delay in delivering justice’ as FIR was lodged on January 10, the YAA lamented that even after a lapse of two weeks “nothing visible has been made a headway which implies justice delay is justice denied”.
“Therefore, YAA strongly urge the law enforcing agencies to immediately expedite the process lest the situation turns ugly,” the statement added.

By EMN Updated: Jan 24, 2015 12:08:34 am