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Tsürangkong youth perturbed by May 27 incident

By EMN Updated: May 30, 2021 11:04 pm

Dimapur, May 30 (EMN): Tsürangkong Range Naga Youth Front (TRNYF) has expressed dismay about the intimidations perpetrated by Mariani MLA Rupjyoti Kurmi aided by the Assam police at Vikuto village on May 27.

TRNYF claimed that it was not the first time that Rupjyoti Kurmi has indulged in such theatrics and misadventures in the border areas but kept using it from time to time just to benefit his political ambitions. It pointed out that the May 27 incident was one of his many tactics just to fool his electorate that he is doing something after his recent victory.

Even as the border issue between Nagaland and Assam is pending in the Supreme Court of India thereby making the issue sub-judice, TRNYF however affirmed that they would not succumb to the tactics of a desperate politician who attempted to capitalise on the border issue by fooling the innocent public.

Stating that Nagas share age-old ties with all the people of upper Assam especially after the Ahom kingdom was established, TRNYF believed that those accounts are clearly mentioned in the olden texts of the Ahom kingdom.

TRNYF urged the Assamese people to speak out and correct such persons and to restrain those elements who are trying to break the age-old ties that the people of the two states share.

TRNYF president, Bendangwati, and the general secretary, Shiluyongdang, also reminded the MLA not to indulge in such misadventures. It also warned not to underestimate by misconstruing its patience and rationality saying that if provoked, they would not remain silent anymore.

Meanwhile, TRNYF urged the state government to wake up from the slumber and ensure that better administration is done in the border areas. It observed that the government swung into action only when there was a border tension and the supply chain was disrupted.

It further urged the state government to immediately start border outposts in the volatile areas bordering Assam and to enforce strict protocol by both parties to ensure such incidents like that of May 27 do not repeat.

By EMN Updated: May 30, 2021 11:04:49 pm