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Thursday, May 23, 2024

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Your Name- Does It Matter?

By Akhrienuo Kh.

Soft-hard-loud –stern- In how many ways can our name be called? Going back in your memory lane, you probably remember the many ways and the many people that called your name. Whether right, wrong or by people you liked or not liked, you knew it was you, who was called.

School kids remember the row calls- Teachers calling out their name- Hopefully not by number. And all the times their names were called, they will either have a good or bad memory of the one who called them.

If it was their parents, it was often the mom who would call it a little softer than the dad. Depending on the tone, kids would run towards or away from that person.

Your name could be like a precious symbol you carry. It resembles you. In olden times- especially those who knew God- would pray to God and give a name that would prophetically carry in that name what they were supposed to accomplish in their life. By the way your name is spelled, people know where you are from. They know: “ Ah, they are from India ,France, Russia, Italy. Germany , USA”. Here in the North East, they will know the tribe you are from. Ask your parents. They will know the meaning of your name.  In the past names could tell which profession they had. Like coppersmith, silver smith, fisherman, farmer because that would be their surname or middle name or title or family name. The history of names goes long back and when more and more people came into existence, more variety was needed.

How much value do you put to your name? Some people change their name since it might resemble something or someone they do not want to be associated with.

What about your name? Do you carry it with dignity? Or did you have to change your name, either because you did not like it, or the meaning is rather negative or you just wanted to be “cool”?

However what is more important? People remember a person not just by their name, but what that name resembles or how  they carry that name, their character and what they really stand for. Everyone though has the potential to make their name “great”. This is depending in how they live their life, what they do and accomplish in life for others and this planet earth, knowing they are the ones responsible for this earth.  All of us can make some changes in where they live for the better, even if it is just making your area cleaner on a consistent basis.

What about God the Creator? Did He name all the people He has created, is creating or will create? Not a joke when it comes to 7 plus billion people living now and the millions/billions that lived before and that will after. However would He have a name for each one? Apparently He does because those that return to Him will have a name He has chosen for them most likely from before you were born. It says it will be a new name, but since there is no time in the afterlife, He already knew. So for us it is new and maybe he adds something special to the name we have already, depending on what we did here.

Some people want their name remembered once they are gone from earth. A board on a street or village or school or college might help people remember that name for a short while, but often after awhile people will have to go back in history of why that name is even therefore in the first place. However each of us will be remembered for what we did. Not on which board our names are written. Meaning in this life. Regarding eternity, your name might echo a sound of joy through the universal spiritual realms and many will know who you are and what you did because the name you have then will probably resemble that for all to hear. But other names might barely be mentioned Up there and some names will never be mentioned and been forgotten Up there.

God gave a name to the first person He created. After that, He left it up to men to name them. But when He called them for a specific purpose and wanted them to remember why they were here on this earth, he would change their name.

Like Abram to Abraham( the Father of nations) – Sarai to Sarah- Simon to Peter (the rock) – Saul to Paul.

If we can keep in remembrance that God created us with a deep respect and awe (see Psalm 139:14-16) and that He said after He created each one : “Wow, He or she is just like I wanted him or her- They got everything they need inside of them to fulfill their earth given assignments – It is their choice to fulfill 0 %, 1 %, 10 %, 20 or ALL. 100 % – There is no reason for anyone not to. The choice is theirs. They can get all the help needed if they get on My side. If not they will be on their own. “

Although many choose their own way, their own path, neglecting what God’s plan would be, not even being aware, or not being bothered by it, from God’s end He has never given up hope on people and has kept creating people, knowing there would be some that would go all out to restore people (and the earth)- back  to what they  were supposed to be.

Find out what is in your name and if meaningful, carry it with pride and dignity.  Regardless live up to what you were created for. Remember what your name stands for –Then Run with That name!

By EMN Updated: Apr 13, 2024 10:44:48 pm
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