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Sunday, July 21, 2024

Truth Speakers for Truth Seekers: What and Where is Your Mission?

By EMN Updated: Jun 22, 2024 11:10 pm

The title-what and where is your mission- might not get your interest because to your thinking that only applies to those called for a specific mission. Let me wake you up in this article. Whether you want to accept it or not, every human being is on a mission. The question is whose mission are you on?

We like to pride ourselves in “the mission we are called to” and often be tempted to think , “ours” is the most important, worthy  and most needy.

Wake up. Our life is a mission in it self. None of us are here by accident . Those who call themselves believers in Jesus Christ, follow the mission He gave in His Word. They can do that because they are attached to the One who sent them on “Mission Earth” . This God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ knew exactly when each one of us would be born, where and through and to whom. The way you came about might not have been the way He wanted it to be. Yet He still knew. He still wanted you. He sent you on a mission and He Himself believed you could and would make the right choices. Although He knew the majority would not, that did not stop Him from continuing to create human beings. He would not take away the capability of free choice from men.

So then what is our mission and is there another mission as well? Who is heading that mission?

The one who also tries to send us on a mission once we are on this earth, is the enemy of God and therefore the enemy of believers in Christ. His mission is,

 A. to stop every human being from knowing who God really is.

B.  If he fails in that he will try to stop them from accepting God’s mission and trying to make sure they will never find out what God’s  mission for us is and the help and tools He has provided to fulfill our mission successfully while here on earth.

C. He will use his three tickets (kill, steal, destroy) constantly in tricky ways.

 Making people think it was God’s fault or He is trying to teach them something or they lack essentials, by making them doubt God’s precious word; “ Did God really say? Did He mean that? “We question His word, His promises to us. And the healing He provided, the salvation He provided and the authority we can walk in once we truly have received and accepted that there was such a person called Jesus Christ walking on this earth sent on a mission as God but also as man, to buy us back. Once our bodies, souls and spirit was paid for, He would then give it to us and share His inheritance( us, this earth)  with us joyfully. Why? To continue the mission He was sent for. His final mission was to pay with His own death, be buried and then resurrected. His mission while on earth was reconciliation of men with the Heavenly father. So His mission really then, was a mission of reconciliation. (2 Corinthians 5:18  Meaning reunion and His settlement through Himself between God and the humans He created. Whoever then that was created by Him, can join by choice in that same mission. A mission of life restoration, building up what is broken whether on a small or bigger scale to contribute, give whatever they can in resources , talents and time to that mission. Knowing too it is to the Father’s best interest to make His mission succeed and therefore “our” mission. He has already made provision for it because we recognise we are just joining His mission and are honoured by it. If we would start celebrating the success others have in their missions, we would see so much more unity and true brotherhood amongst those who call themselves brothers and sisters. Ask yourself: “what happened?” Then instead of criticising, pray what concrete steps you can make to restore, build up and give life to what seems a bit or totally dead or crumbled up. 

The enemy’s mission then is one that is obviously the opposite. The three tickets he has are- to destroy life, destroy what is beautiful and to steal whatever he can.

Esther’s story  in the Bible – a true historical story- was one of bravery and successfully fulfilling her mission  but also showing that if she was born for such a time then, wouldn’t He let us be born for such a time as the 20th or 21st century? Can you thank Him you are here now, where you are and thank Him even for your age no matter what. You are still here on a mission.

Here  5 simple steps you can learn from Esther 4: 14 .

1. Accept you are on a mission on earth- Refuse to join the enemy’s mission

2.Open your Bible and ask Him where you fit in. The mission for you is right there. Take Him at His Word!

3. Accept you were born for such a time like this. Esther was an orphan and was hesitant to accept it at first until her uncle pointed out to her that she was in the position she was for such a time as then. You too, whatever position you have, you are there for a reason. Even if you took it by mistake or by “hook and crook”, turn it around to where you will make a difference for good.

4. Put on the suit He provided for you and use it. The name of Jesus Christ.

5. Ask the best teacher in the universe, to teach, guide and help you. And comfort you if needed. His name is the Holy Spirit.

Be blessed on your mission. Do not stop until it’s done.


By EMN Updated: Jun 22, 2024 11:10:52 pm
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