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Friday, June 14, 2024

Truth Speakers for Truth Seekers -9

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Is this world and the God you know trust worthy?

Trust ! What a wonderful word. What a virtue to be treasured. How much peace enters you, when a person you know or meet can be trusted.

 Trusted to keep their promises, to be on time,  to keep sacred, sensitive info, whether spoken or unspoken- to themselves (except when dangerous results might come out of that)- Trusted that their yes is yes and no is no, according to God’s standards, that once a vow is given, it is to be kept  and honoured. Trusted your kids are taken care of well when you trust them in other peoples’ hands.

The list can go on. As a noun, it means a firm belief in the reliability, truth or ability of someone or something. Relations should be built on trust. As a law- a Trust is an arrangement whereby a person (a Trustee) holds property as its nominal owner for the good of one or more beneficiaries .

What about Faith or Trust in the Word of God

In the Old Testament it is mentioned only twice, meaning ‘established, trustworthy’.

The context in Deuteronomy  is that Moses is speaking to the Israelites before he would depart from them and hand over leader ship to Joshua- God reminds them of HIS trustworthiness to past generations.  He warns the Israelites, how they had been untrustworthy. Unless they would turn around, the result would be He would hide His face from them, leaving them alone.

In Habakuk, the meaning  is faithfulness . There the context is that if you are just, you will live a trustworthy, loyal life.

In the new Testament it is mentioned 245 times- In 24 of the 27 New Testament books

The meaning there is the same as in the Old Testament- assurance, firm conviction, honesty, integrity, truthfulness and similar traits.

Can our trust be towards GodOr when something bad happens, are we quick to blame God?

Like we cannot see God with the naked eye, we can see the evidence of a powerful existing loving Being if we are tuned into His Kingdom , consisting of God the Father, His precious Son (Jesus Christ) the One who represents Him now (the Holy Spirit) as well as angels and all those that choose to be on His side.

Trust or faith cannot be seen or touched but according to Hebrews 11 , it is all the evidence required to prove what is still unseen.

Trust in a person too, cannot be seen but is built or destroyed overtime. It takes time to build it up but can be broken in a few seconds in one harmful action or word. To build it back up may take years.

In the higher levels of society, where people are in certain positions, we wonder how many compromises had to be made. How many promises had to be broken to get where they are at?

At lower levels, the people we work with or are above us, we have to trust so we get our pay and what we want. That is where tough choices have to be made. Will we compromise and say: “I could not help it” Or do we say what Eric Liddell said: “It is worth more to me to honour God, then run in the Olympics on Sundays”.  Besides  being a hero and light to the Chinese people for many years before and during the second world war, he still was given the chance  to run and win many medals.

It is a scary world indeed to live among millions of people who think little or nothing of broken promises.

Where do we start the needed changes?

Point to yourself.  Are we ourselves trustworthy people? Do we come on time? Do we do what we say we would do? Or do we think half lies and white lies are Ok?  Do we assume “ I can keep my Word next time but this time it is not convenient”?  Do we tell our kids: “Tell them, I am not there!” because they are not wanted then?

Our actions and words betray who we really are, Who we reflect, and if we are true believers.

We either portray God’s character or those that are against Him.

In our own strength it is impossible. Our spirit will want to do the right thing if we are connected to Him. Our flesh and mind will dictate the opposite.

That is why He sends needed help in the form of the Holy Spirit. When He created us, everything was put in us to be successful. But to put it into practice we will need to rely on His precious Holy Spirit that Jesus Himself send from the Father to help us now to be a light in a perverse and wicked generation, to be a person of character even if no one else is and stand up boldly for what is right.

Decide today: No matter what, but my God, my Father is trustworthy. I will come out on top like Joseph did.  Although for 22 years  everything came against Joseph no matter if he showed continuous good trustworthy character. He stayed trustworthy. He even ended up in prison on wrong charges but changed the whole prison around through good character, being cheerful and hard work.  He was put in charge of the prison. The climax was , he was promoted from the prison to the palace next to Pharaoh. He trusted God to make his God given dreams come true. Not through deceit or manipulation but through trusting a faithful God who would keep His promises. Which God did! 

Turn your face toward Him so He will keep His towards you.

Declare: “I will trust Him to make me useable. So He and I will turn darkness to light for someone today!”

Be blessed as you learn to trust a loyal God!


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