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Sunday, June 16, 2024

Truth Speakers for Truth Seekers

By EMN Updated: May 18, 2024 10:57 pm

One of the shortest questions, someone might have ever asked you is: “ Who are you?

You ask then: “ , Yes, Who am I really? “ Simple enough? Not really .

Just a three word question- Who can truly answer it? Beyond title and names  it seems hard for people to answer  A title or some initials ,in front of their name makes people feel they know what or who they are?( whether secular or church world)

However when life’s challenges knock at their door, titles get forgotten easily. Because no title will  respond to that knock. If you know  who you truly are, you will be able to respond correctly. If delightful, you give thanks. If unpleasant , you will not fall apart or give up altogether.

If kids now have to ask which restroom to go to, if young people can mutilate their body because of what they feel, if anyone can act on their  feelings and be excused for the disastrous outcome, something is going terribly wrong and I shiver what our next generation has to face. Unless- we start taking responsibility to find out who we were created to be and then respond appropriately.

Simple enough it seems- Who will stand up? Who will speak out? Instead of thinking about self or immediate family, we will go beyond and also think about the next generation. We will  groom them so they can stand tall and strong, with conviction for truth , no matter what they face. Warriors for truth! I believe it Is possible.

Although it seems we have gone far from the simple answer from who we are and what we were created for, there is hope.

Recently, I saw a Godly handsome tall young man, stand up boldly and challenging  450 plus young students between 14-18 years, with this question, “who am I”? After his brief talk, he challenged them further to make a choice and respond  to be what God created them for. Hardly anyone  did not respond positively to this challenge.

He answered  this question brilliantly and said the Holy Spirit- had given him a “spiritual download” in less then 30 minutes the day before. Below the summary of it.

What is a  human being? Apparently the only ones that are self aware. Beings of higher intelligence because they are aware of their feelings, emotions and surroundings. An intelligence that is higher than AI (Artificial Intelligence) which is simulated. Meaning it will never reach self consciousness or awareness. It just responds (Bots!). It cannot create or think for itself.

Media, friends, others, voices will make you misunderstand yourself and your feelings. If you tend to go by how people will describe you or by a prescription or even some “ disorder”, you can be easily pushed in an identity crisis because you got the wrong measure stick .

The right measure stick is to determine if something is truth or is a lie.

For simplicity sake here are 4 categories for now.

1ST  Uncertainty- People identify themselves with : “You are only an animal, you came from a pot of soup, tadpole or monkey”

Truth : God made you. If you do not believe in God- meaning the God that we know from the Bible- you will have to come up with another uncertainty. Because none of the theories of where we came from (animals, tadpoles or protozoa’s) have ever been proven or had any consistency. Whereas Biblical accounts have been historically and scientifically proven. They  are consistent, over and over. Those proven facts triumph and continues to triumph over vague theories that are not proven at all!

2nd  Uncertainty-  People identify themselves with: ”I am from…( country)- I belong to… (tribe)” in other words where they were born or which tribe they belong to.  They take pride in their country and claim theirs is somehow better then the other countries and easily find fault with the other races.

Truth: You came from the Kingdom of God- from His Spirit, passing through time and space realm. When your time is up, you will go back to that spiritual realm which could be the good side (God’s realm) or the bad side (Satan’s realm) of it, depending on choices you have made here on earth.

3rd   Uncertainty- People identify themselves with: ”How I feel is the truth! ”(which could be anything or anyone these days). They identify themselves with their feelings and emotions

Truth:   Emotions and feelings can be manipulated by chemicals, others, words or actions of others, your own posture (slouching)  and things you do to yourself. However you can harness or control your emotions. Your feelings do not have to control you.  If someone feels like robbing a bank he will likely control those emotions knowing being a thief will end him up in prison. So where do we stop?

4th   Uncertainty- People identify themselves on how successful they are or on their position in life or the power they have over people or how far they climbed that ladder. A famous celebrity said: I climbed the ladder of fame but when I came to the top, all I found was an “empty room” .

TRUTH:  True success cannot be measured by the money you have or how many followers you have. True success is fulfilling the purpose for which you were created. If you depend on God he will make you to what you are supposed to be. Psalm 139 says  that everything you need, when you were created was already put in you when you were conceived. So all that is left is learning who you are. God wants you be a success and perfectly made you to be so.

Ask Him and find out.  Be God’s child to bring heaven down from the other realm to earth to rule this world with all those who walk on the same page!

Akhrienuo Kh.

By EMN Updated: May 18, 2024 10:57:08 pm
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