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Sunday, July 21, 2024

Truth Speakers for Truth Seekers -10

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If you would be the one writing this article, would you  be able to dedicate it to your father or the one that fathered yours. The idea of fatherhood is not ours. It belongs to God. He is and always will be the originator of that. His Son called Him affectionately Abba or Father and although God Himself , in His short life on earth, there was a different Father- Son relationship then He has right now in Heaven. But all of us who became true followers of Christ, can have that now as well. Different because on earth He was bound by the same human flesh and soul we have during our life on earth.

 True fathers will have taken up their role as fathers as God originally intended it. There are fathers , who although fathers by flesh, have run away from their responsibility, not realising they will by default create citizens that will have scars in their life that only can be erased or healed by Him.

Then there a few amongst us, who do not acknowledge fatherhood because they put themselves somewhere between L and B plus.  A simple DNA test, a bathroom check or just asking a friend would solve their dilemma , whether they are male or female. Two letters only. M or F.

If you are a father, celebrate. If you have one or he has fathered your children, celebrate him for what they have done in your life. Do not look for what they have not done. Look for what they contributed and added  and celebrate that. If you do not have one to celebrate, I am praying right now, God will send  a God fearing one, to replace that void.

Father’s Day was inaugurated in the United States in the early 20th century to complement Mother’s Day in celebrating fathers, fathering, and fatherhood. Father’s Day was founded in Spokane, Washington, at the YMCA in 1910 by Sonora Smart Dodd, in 1909 while listening to a sermon on Mother’s Day, which was emerging as a holiday.

Mother’s day has its own story and should actually be spelled Mothers’ day.

Mothers’ day was originated by  Ann Reeves Jarvis. Her intent was different than her daughter’s . In 1858, while Ann Reeves was pregnant with her sixth child (Anna Jarvis) , Ann began organising Mothers’ Day Work Clubs to educate families on proper precautions, such as boiling drinking water, to prevent the spread of disease. Having experienced and seen herself many hardships because of poor hygiene she took action! ( Note: Mothers’ Day ( plural) is differently spelled from Mother’s)  day (singular-personal)

Mother’s day then should  be centered around actively changing circumstances that should not be as its’ original intent was.  Often here on a village level, mothers are very active and stand up against wrong situations like alcohol, substance abuse and safety of the children. And that is all year around, which is what it should be. A personal day –to honour our own mom – could be done to appreciate them for their community service and make it personal, without commercialising it.

Anna Jarvis intent  was to have a personal day for mothers- for children to honour their mothers for what they did to change their communities. Ann when 12 years old said “you shall have your day, mom”.  Her supporters advocated a Mother’s Day to be observed on the second Sunday of May (death anniversary of Ann Reeves Jarvis- mother of Anna Jarvis). Within a few years nearly all U.S. states were celebrating Mother’s Day. The movement quickly spread to other countries. In 1914 Pres. Woodrow Wilson made Mother’s Day a national holiday in the United States. The intent to educate moms and help them change society together, was changed)

Many historians have noted the striking contrast between the Mother’s Day founded by Anna Jarvis and the Mothers’ Day envisioned by her mother: the former emphasises mothers’ emotional support of their immediate families, while the latter also recognises their service “to humanity in every field of life.”

The following 5 pointers I found are for all fathers to reflect on. Not to condemn but to resolve that this year there will be forward movement to be a true leader and father of the family God gave you. And for the mothers to let them play that role and supplement him with her God given talents and mother qualities. Look at the points as a booster to step up if need be.

Decide today “I will be a better father through these practical steps”

1/ My kids are watching how I treat their mom, whether tender and with affection or harsh and rude especially when I am coming home tired. So I will watch my self when coming home.

2/ My kids will watch how I handle conflict and anger. They will wait for that time I give them attention and help them relieve the stress they have faced that day in school or elsewhere by just having a fun roll and tumble or sports game with them. I will not wait for them to ask me. I will take the initiative

3/With my practical mindset I will help them solve problems and think out of the box. I will stir up their creativity and foster alternative solutions on their level

4/When coming home I will show them they are important by spending time with them instead of in my room. Family time will be important for me and them. Mobiles not allowed then.

5/ I will put importance of having meals together so we can bond together( again without our phones).

It is not too late. If you need to turn around, do so. Fathers, be the dad , God wants you to be. Moms, do your part and support them in that role.

Have fun being a dad. Not just on Father’s day but all the other 364 days too.


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