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Trust deficit casualty of Karbis-Rengmas

By EMN Updated: Jan 14, 2014 12:53 am


THE Rengma Hills Support Centre (RHSC) have expressed resentment over the midnight haul of the general secretary of the Rengma Naga People’s Council Solomon Rengma by the SPF in Dimapur.
The general secretary was “picked up like a criminal” from his residence. In its press release the RHSC warns that instead of harassing the RNPC leader the district administration would do better to take cognizance of the presence of KPLT and Karbi militants and their linkmen in the Dimapur and the danger that ‘Karbi militants ‘ pose for civilians.The statement adds that unlike the Nagas where despite the existence of numerous tribes the sense of community is bonding is seen in the presence of the hohos, churches, NGO’s who also sort out issues of differences which come up within the Naga tribes, non Nagas and also the underground groups … a similar social adaptation is absent among the Karbis. This they say makes their “motives for destruction of other ethnic communities always dubious”. Likewise the Karbi underground, the statement adds.
The release adds that the past records of Karbi militants is suspect and sinister as their targets have been always been non – Karbi communities. Their strikes are everywhere with the sole interest for Karbis. And unlike Naga insurgent groups Karbi undergrounds including KPLT are premature and unpredictable in nature.
It has also questioned the basis on which the chief advisor, Joint Action Committee for Autonomous State (JACAS) and Karbi Anglong Peace Forum, (KAPF) J.I. Kathar is alluding to the involvement of the third force in the carnage and ethnic cleansing of Rengma Nagas in Rengma Hills, Karbi Anglong district of Assam.
‘But, what or which is the third force?’ the statement asks.
They argue if the case of a third force is accepted it acknowledges the presence of a first and second force.
Who are these? Did the KPLT act on the direction of some individuals or organizations like the so called the third force? Is the government of Assam referred to as the third force? These are some of the questions the statement raises.
The statement alleges that “only the killer the KPLT or the planner the JACAS know which is the third force? The assertion of J.I. Kathar that the Assam government wanted to kill all the Karbis and after which it would finish other tribes” was a prediction happened in the form of ethnic cleansing last December and must not be taken lightly.”
In serious charges the RHSC have said the press statements of JI Kathar indicate that “he was aware of what KPLT was about to commit”, that he misled his people and is responsible for the terror and turmoil in the district in pursuance of Karbi statehood totally undermining other communities living here prior to their advent to the Rengma Hills.
The RHSC categorically states that if any third force is involved behind the sudden attack on the Rengma villages last December it could be no other organization other than JACAS and Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council judging by its boldness and confidence in attacking and declaring war against a community.
The RHSC also examined the logic in the posturing of KPLT being used by the Assam government when Assam is deadly against the creation of new state.
It says the KPLT acted on common consensus based on the fact that no Karbi social organization raised voice when the economic blockade was imposed and an ultimatum served by the KPLT against the Rengma villages prior to the attack by it.
They waited for the job to be executed and then initiate peace proposal as soon as the preplanned mission was carried out by their militants.
The RHSC have also taken exception to the recent statement of Bidysing Teron, president, Karbi Students Association(KSA) when referring to the recent carnage and ethnic cleansing in Rengma Hills, Karbi Anglong district. Teron had stated that ‘problems of this nature will continue till Karbi Anglong attains statehood”.
The RHSC question if such a stand is a threat or a veiled warning of sorts non karbi communities.
They say Teron’s statement is crystal clear that the pattern of action plan would be again executed.
They fear that in such an atmosphere the non Karbis remain the vulnerable party.
and the Karbis can accuse any agencyfor the violence as it is a part of their strategy and game plan, the statement alleges.
The RHSC statement from its Convenor says the demand for a Karbi statehood is to include Karbis of east Khasi Hills, Arunachal Pradesh and other district of Assam to be placed at Rengma Hills.
It states that if this is achieved Karbis they will be in majority the people will be settled in the Rengma Hills in multiples of lakhs from other states and districts. This the RHSC states will bring hard times upon the non Karbis. Therefore, various non Karbi organizations must not remain silent spectators but speak up against all kinds injustice being committed against them, the statement adds.

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