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Sunday, June 16, 2024

Truly Bangkok sale day turns wild

By Temshinaro Updated: May 17, 2024 7:29 pm
Truly Bangkok

Truly Bangkok Clothing(Brand), Duncan, Dimapur 797112

Dimapur, May 17 (EMN): The annual sale day at Truly Bangkok, a popular clothing store in Dimapur, turned into a chaotic scene on Friday, with customers engaging in frantic shopping sprees that resulted in injuries, theft, and even a sense of panic.

Truly Bangkok Clothing sale, which began at 9:00 am, drew a record-breaking crowd despite the scorching sun and intermittent rain. Truly Bangkok Clothing store, which boasts over 44,000 followers on Instagram, had been promoting the sale for days, leading to immense anticipation among shoppers.

Viral videos circulating online captured the frenzy, showing women screaming, pushing, and fighting over clothes. The store owner, Sentinaro Assumi, could be seen frantically trying to control the crowd, but her efforts proved futile.

“I anticipated some chaos but this was beyond anything I could have imagined. There was stealing and even trying cloths in the car was more that I could handle. One girl got an electric shock, another twisted her leg. Three girls lost their phones, and one lost her wallet.

Truly Bangkok

My mannequin was smashed, and its hair was stolen. Even hangers were taken, though some were caught red-handed. How can I possibly describe this madness,” read a story posted on the store’s Instagram account.

Another story on their Instagram, assumed to be from the owner, read: “Never expected this would happen I can still hear those girls crying in pain. I tried my best to stop but this was out of my hand.”

One customer, who arrived at 8:30 am, described the scene as “another level” of craziness, adding that she was unable to even move her hands due to the sheer density of the crowd.

The sale, held outside the store as is tradition, was marred by incidents of theft, injuries, and even a sense of panic as the crowd jostled for access to discounted items.

Customers who arrived later in the day found the majority of the items sold out. Many were left frustrated and disappointed, with some even losing their belongings in the melee.

Truly Bangkok

Speaking to Eastern Mirror, Rose (name changed) shared that she and three of her friends walked to the shop as there was heavy traffic caused by customers gathered outside the shop.

“We reached exactly at 9:00 am, and the crowd was so huge, we couldn’t even walk,” shared Rose. She narrated how people were acting like zombies. “I was worried because it was by the roadside,” said Rose, fearing accidents.

Truly Bangkok
Customers chapals left behind

Another woman shared that by the time she reached the venue, several items were sold out. A woman in her late 20s shared how she visited the store at 10, but could not pick anything for herself as it was very crowded.

In videos that went viral, the flustered proprietor was seen trying to chase the crowd away, stating she will suffer losses but will ‘’aram se’ sell online.

Outside the shop, several single shoes and sandals belonging to customers could also be observed.

It was informed that customers from other districts and neighbouring states also came to be part of the sale.

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By Temshinaro Updated: May 17, 2024 7:29:12 pm
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