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Triple murder main accused nabbed by NSCN-IM in Wokha

By EMN Updated: Oct 26, 2014 12:06 pm

Dimapur, October 25

More than 17 months after the barbaric triple murders at Boro-Lingiri on May 16, 2013, the authority of Union territory (UT) Dimapur, NSCN-IM, nabbed the main accused, Mhonbemo Humtsoe, son of Wobansao Humtsoe, of Humtsoe village from Wokha town on October 22.
Informing this today, secretary, UT, GPRN, Khekuto Jakhalu said the accused was confined in a locked room at the time of his arrest. The accused confessed to the NSCN-IM authority that he along with his brother Abemo Humtsoe, who is presently lodged in Diphu Jail, had committed the gruesome murders of Ronsuo Odyuo of Chanpang village and his pregnant wife Alice Odyuo and her sister Shanchobeni who was also carrying at that time. They had come for medical treatment from Doyang, the release said.
According to confessional statement of accused Mhonbemo, one Wopenthung Humtsoe called him to Dimapur from Wokha and explained the details about his nefarious plan to him and his brother. They were then sent to Ronsuo’s residence to execute the plan by providing them with a .32 pistol with two live rounds.
The two accused met Ronsuo near the Railway station and came home together. On their way, they bought some liquor and drank together before dinner. Sometime later, they went out on the pretext of buying beer.
While on the way, Abemo attacked Ronsuo with a dao from behind and made him unconscious. The two accused tied his hand from behind and stared asking about secret code number of his digital locker before killing him just at the precinct of the playground. Thereafter, they went to the deceased house where his wife Alice and her sister Shanchobeni were sleeping in separate rooms. Accused Abemo killed Alice in her room and even raped her dead body before slitting her stomach. The second accused, Mhonbemo, went to Shanchobeni’s room and attacked her with a dao. During the scuffle, her fingers were cut off into pieces. In his second attempt, Mhonbemo slit her neck and she died instantly. The two accused then took all the cash and valuables and fled the place with the help of Wopenthung and his wife Loyivani (Avani) in a Bolero belonging to Wopenthung, the release said.
Mhonbemo revealed that the main mastermind behind this gruesome murders was Wopenthung Humtsoe, son of Tsalamo Humtsoe, of Humtso village and his wife Loyivani as an ‘apprentice’. The motive behind this heinous murders was that both Wopenthung and his wife wanted to usurp Ronsuo’s wealth and his valuables. The two alleged murderers were asked to equally share with Wopenthung and his wife whatever valuables/cash they found in Ronsuo’s possession.
Accused Mhonbemo also disclosed that Ronsuo was his childhood friend and that they never had any kind of misunderstanding/quarrel between them that might lead to such an incident.
After killing Ronsuo, accused Mhonbemo fled to Shillong to evade arrest for sometime, and he was provided a sum of Rs I0,000 for his expenses by his sisters Zubeni and Thungjano. After returning from Shillong, he again fled to Silliguri in West Bengal and stayed at the residence of one Pabu, A Punjabi, for 11 months. Mhonbemo’s stay there was arranged by his uncle Rupongo Humtsoe of Humtso village who has close relation with Pabu. All the expenses for his stay were borne by his two sisters Zubeni and Thungjano.
The masterminds behind the murders, Wopenthung and his wife, are found to be absconding and both of them are undergoing treatment for AIDS, the release said adding that the NSCN-IM authorities concerned are making hectic efforts to apprehend the husband and wife duo and book them at the earliest. In this connection, the UT GPRN secretary has requested all the concerned peace loving people to cooperate with the authority.
The NSC-IM hoped that many more facts behind this gruesome incident will come to light.

By EMN Updated: Oct 26, 2014 12:06:30 pm