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Transformation Crusade: Thousands turn up on day-III

By EMN Updated: Jan 17, 2014 10:14 pm

Kohima, January 17

Thousands of people from different walks of life thronged on the third day of the Transformation Crusade where Rev Dr Luozilie Sanchu, Ex.sSecretary ACRC shared on “Jesus is the Lord of Transformation”. Rev. Sanchu stressed on how Jesus conquered all the strongholds of Satan and obtained all powers and authority. Sharing from the book of Hebrew 2:14-15, he said Jesus incarnated into humanity and came into the world and went through all miseries, agonies and bore our sins.
“He tasted all the human miseries by himself. He went to the grave but rose again and gave us everlasting life. He broke all the strongholds of satan”, Rev. Sanchu added.
Referring from Rev 12:10 and Isaiah 14:12, he explained about the fall of Lucifer and said satan’s power is very limited. He further added that our life is not in other’s hand, not in the hands that holds the gun but in the hands of Jesus Christ who died and rose again and intercedes for us in heaven. Sharing on the authority (to drive away all the demonic forces) to the believers, Rev Sanchu referred from the book of Matt 28:18, Mark 16:16-18, Luke10:19, 1 Peter 3:22 and said all the demonic forces are under our command in Jesus name.”Transformation means change from your old self and being transformed” and Young people coming to this TC today, God wants you to be a transformation agent, Rev. Sanchu informed. He further urged the congregation to have Faith as all things are possible by faith through Christ (Matt 17:20, John 11:1-23 and Mark 5:2).
Earlier, Faith Harvest Church led the congregation in praise and worship while Neikuonyu Zuyie, Pastor Rokabozou CRC said the offeratory prayer. The programme was led by Khrieneiu, Pastor, Peniel Church. Till the third day of the crusade, 37 people were delivered from the bondage of satan and hundreds of people ailing from various kinds of sickness were healed. Sicknesses like respiratory problems, kidney stone, chest pain, visually impaired, paralysis, etc.

By EMN Updated: Jan 17, 2014 10:14:56 pm