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TR Zeliang calls for unity of Naga Political Groups

By EMN Updated: Feb 27, 2014 11:40 pm

Dimapur, February 27

Minister of Planning and Coordination, Evaluation, Geology and Mining, TR Zeliang, today asserted that unless all Naga political groups join hand and come together, solution or settlement of any kind to the prolong Naga political struggle will be difficult to achieve while he also urged upon all tribal hohos to give more and sincere efforts in bringing different factions of the Naga underground under one platform.
Addressing the inaugural function of the 69th general session of the Chang Tribal Council (CKS) at Yangpi village in Tuensang district, TR Zeliang said every factions is claiming to be fighting for Naga political cause but in reality the situation is going otherwise because of which it is becoming perilous for the Naga people to survive as one people. He has urged upon all Naga political groups to exercise utmost sagacity and wisdom and heed the voice of the common people especially the tribal councils which carry the mandate of the people and sort out differences amongst themselves for the larger interest of the Naga people.
“Every factions is claiming to be fighting for Naga cause but in reality their action and ideology are going otherwise, tribal council should play more pivotal role at this juncture in making them understand each other and bring them together,” TR Zeliang told the gathering of the Chang Tribal Council.
TR Zeliang said Naga are very small people compare to other nations in term of populations, land and economy, adding that if Nagas wish to divide further there is no point of talking about common future and survival as one people. “If Nagas are to compete with others in term of populations, land resources and economy, we are too small. Others will not recognize us for these. Our only strength is our unique culture and traditions which must be preserved at any cost,” he said. Only protection of our tribal rights and traditions will let us survive as people, he added.
Minister has urged upon the Nagas to strive for economic independent, which he said can be achieved only through sheer hard work, judicious of funds and schemes and proper planning at the grass root levels. “We cannot always beg from the central government. We are tired of begging now. Therefore, we should strive for economic independent rather than always making war within ourselves, than only we will be at par with other nations and society”, he said.
He expressed hope that exploration of oil and natural gas in the state under Nagaland Petroleum and Natural Gas rules will immensely help the Nagas to uplift their economy.
TR Zeliang also said that when India has given special provision to Nagas under Article 371 (A) for preservation and protection of land and its resources. The Indian Forest Act, he said is very strict and will impinge upon the Naga customary laws and traditions if implemented in full. He, therefore, urged upon the tribal council to impose customary laws in all their respective jurisdictions for preservation and protection of forest and wildlife, which he said can be very effective and implemented easily.
He has congratulated the Yangpi village on their initiative for preservation of wildlife by sparing their land for the wildlife sanctuaries. He regretted that all forest and wildlife has vanished in many districts of the state. “All the resources which are above the soil are disappearing very fast, now what is left is what is beneath the soil which we are yet to see”, he said.
Other who spoke during the function included CM Chang, Minister School Education; Kipili Sangtam, Parliamentary Secretary for Power; Kejung Chang, Parliamentary Secretary, and Thowang, MLA and others.

By EMN Updated: Feb 27, 2014 11:40:47 pm